[Murray Valley Pork] 6-2-2 Fantasies

I am sure that you have read/heard/watched the 6-2-2 method of cooking pork. If you haven’t, this is a method that some chefs use to cook their pork steaks. Simply speaking, the method is quite easy to follow – 6 minutes (pan-fry/grill one side) – 2 minutes (grill the other side) – 2 minutes (resting). When I watched the ad on youtube the first time, I was actually quite excited. Pork steaks, to me, is hard to manage as you never know when would be the best cooking time and it tends to be overcooked (so very touch!) or under-cooked (still rare). Anyway, I decided to try this method with my favourite pork steak, Murray Valley Pork and I used the scotch portion.

Here is my end products – Scotch steak with preserved pepper



Following the method mentioned above, below are the steps

  1. Season pork steak with salt and pepper


2. Melt and small block of butter in the pan and start the 6-2-2 method. Use high heat.

3. Turn after cooking on one side for 6 mins.


4. While resting the pork for 2 mins, cook the pepper using this method. Then plate up 🙂


The pork cooked is this method is SUPER SUPER succulent! I was so amazed with the level of juices maintained within the meat and the flavour was to die for. It is definitely cooked well and is tender and moist 🙂 Both Tina and myself got very attracted to this new fantasy, considering she rarely eats meat these days. There is definitely something in it. LOL

I guess the method is one part of the story. The other part is definitely the quality of my lovely Murray Valley Pork. 😀

I also made an Udon with the pork steak.

  1. Cook the pork steak until the resting stage.
  2. Boil the udon until cooked. Drain it on a mesh drainer.
  3. Using some of the soup, add a drizzle of soy sauce and pepper and bring to boil.
  4. Add the cooked and drained udon in a bowl, cover with sliced pork steak and sliced spring union.
  5. Add soup to the top to cover 🙂




Until the next post, enjoy!


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