Authentic adds a modern twist – Sukhumvit Soi.38 Thai Street Food

As I always loved, Adelaide is a highly livable and sustainable city. The blue sky, lovely sunshine, golden beaches and crisp water is an unbeatable experience to many tourist-alike. Beautiful scenic views should always be accompanied by delicious food and tasty wine. Fortunately enough, the city is also a multicultural city with so many restaurants to choose from. In recent years, the food truck culture in Adelaide has changed the way people eat dramatically, but sadly enough, street food is still not a popular scene like it is in many countries. I still had this memory from years ago – when a thai friend told me about Sukhumvit, the most famous street food location in Bangkok, my excitement can not be hidden. If you can’t afford the time to fly to Thailand, now you can go to Adelaide city to experience the excitement. Where? Sukhumit Soi. 38 Thai Street Food.

It’s about a year ago when Sukhumvit Soi.38 opened its door to the Public. The owners Terry and Daisy adopted the flavours of authentic Bangkok street food and added twists to make the dishes more interesting! The restaurant is located on the opposite side of Rundle Mall on Pulteney street next to Hungry Jacks. With a modern decor, the restaurant shows a lot of appreciation of its origin. Photos of the Thai royal family itself says billions of words about the authenticity while the map clearly indicates where Sukhumvit is. When you think you have seen all of the features in their decor, if you turn you head around, a “No Duran” sign is so obvious and I was made laughing for a long time. From these small things, we can definitely see the owners’ care about their restaurant, their culture heritage and more importantly, their customers.



The restaurant opens for both lunch and dinner. Tina and myself decided to adventure for the dinner venue at 5:30 pm straight after work. The services was exceptional and even small details are catered. To experience the food, we always like the restaurant to serve us wherever we go so their PINTO menu is a perfect match for us. The pinto menu is a selection of dishes from their regular and specials menu and the restaurant believes it can showcase the best of their most flavoursome dishes and the flavour of Thai. The menu cost $38 per person and is ideal for four people. I can tell you now, be prepared, even stingy foodies will be impressed with the quality and flavour of the dishes while the big tummies like myself will be surprised with the quantity. To be exact, I was very very full after all these dishes. According to the service manager of the restaurant, Phil, their philosophy is to let people feeling satisfied leaving their restaurant, not empty stomached. This is quite different with some others which I experienced on the totally opposite side. Btw, the restaurant is also a strong supporter of South Australian local produce and this is a fantastic approach as you all know I support and promote SA food produce, whenever possible. Another warning though, these dishes are much different from what we normally see as Thai cuisines. They are much nicer and tastier.

Kgai Tod

Kgai Tod

Street style Bangkok chicken wings served with nam jim

When the dish appeared on the table, I got so attracted to it. The golden looking of the wings were so tantalising and the aroma of fried stuff was just everywhere in the air. And the wings were hot because of the freshness and the crunchy bite just make me cheerful. However, if you are adventurous enough, dip the wings with the nam jim, the sauce at the back. A fine fish sauce flavour will diffuse into the meat. What a fantastic way to enjoy some crunchy wings!


Kung Anubal

Crispy school prawn with curry paste, kaffir lime, spring onion and black pepper

When looking at the dish and its name, I was expecting crispy prawns but after the first bite, my mind was totally blown away. I should admit that the chef is very talented in making the dish. The prawn was crispy but also easy to bite and the shell of the prawn was cooked to perfection to distribute a soft feeling in the mouth. The flavours were brilliant – a touch of the spiciness, spring onion and the tasty curry flavour just made me praise for this dish the whole night. Well done and highly recommended!



Sai Oua Nam Prik Ong Tang Cua

Chargrilled Chiang Mai style free range pork and herb sausages with galangal, garlic, tumeric, lemongrass and chilli served with house made “Nam Prik Ong” (mild minced pork and tomato curry) served in fresh cucumber cup

My dear readers, let me tell you this – I cannot show more appreciation to any other dishes than this one! Both Tina and I were amazed with the flavour of this dish. The pork and herb sausages were hot and spicy and showed a good level of herbal flavour upon arrival at our palates. It just made me wanting to eat more and more of this sausage! On the other side of the story, the cucumber cup itself was quite refreshing while the pork and tomato curry can receive a big thumb up. Although the tomato curry looked like a pasta paste, the flavour was hot and slightly salty. The dish was complemented with sticky rice which just neutralises the hot flavours, leaving the palate with a rich rice fragrance. Highly recommended!



After the entrees, four mains found their ways to our table. These four mains are absolutely tantalising and made both of us re-imaging thai dishes.




Kung Pad Nam Makham

SA King prawn stir fried in house made tamarind sauce

The prawns used in this dish was very fresh. I can definitely taste the tender flesh and the “sea breeze” but more importantly, the dish’s flavour was on the top notch. With a slightly sweet overall flavour, the spiciness of the dish was not too high and this has helped us to take the previous hot flavours away :D.



Kaeng Luang Nua

Southern style beef yellow curry with shredded bamboo shoots and apple eggplant

We love curries – curries of all sorts. Thai curries are definitely different to Indian and Indonesian ones but are always nice to try. This is a dish which boosted my wonder about authentic thai food. The beef cubes were cooked to perfection and melt in the mouth after each bite. The curry flavour is largely different from the normal curries we had previously where the spiciness topped up the entire dinning experience. The apple eggplant did not only contributed earthy flavours into the dish but also provided a good level of mouthfeel. Rice is a good complement with this curry and I am sure you will be like me who went quickly and finished the dish :). Highly recommended!




Plaa Thod Lui Suan

Fried Coorong Mulloway with coriander, mint, onion, shredded carrot and fresh chilli dressing

Coorong is renowned for its seafood. In this dish, fresh mulloway from coorong region was pan-fried and charred but was cooked just right to leave a crispy skin while maintaining really moist fleshes. One can easily taste the slight bitterness of the charred mark – it is a very pleasant one indeed. The mint and coriander combination was unbeatable and added heaps of Asian origins into the dish. The fresh chilli dressing provided the dish with a fine and fresh finish and of course, a slightly hot chilli flavour. 🙂 Well done!



Pak Boong Fai Dang

Stir fried “Morning Glory” (water spinach) in oyster sauce, chilli and garlic

No dinning experience is complete in Asian cuisines without a vegetable dish to provide extra nutrients for the diners. The establishment has been quite considerate and provided this yummy vegetarian dish. Diners can taste the chilli and garlic flavours while the oyster sauce introduced the sweet and slightly salty tastes. Brilliant!


Sukhumvit Soi.38 Thai Street Food is now our new Thai food destination and since the dinner I have verbally introduced the restaurant to many friends and colleagues. The restaurant is a big supporter of SA produce and used it in their menu as much as possible. I would highly recommend all my fans and readers to try this place out and experience another degree of authenticity of Thai dinning culture.


[Disclaimer: Adelaidefoodies were invited to dine at the establishment but the thoughts for food are our own as always].



Sukhumvit Soi.38 Thai Street Food

54 Pulteney Street

Adelaide, SA 5045

P 08 8223 5472





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