Adelaide Night Noodle Market 2015

What a exciting news and exciting moment! The first ever Night Noodle Market has launched in Adelaide today. The festival has previously been held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and has been serving the east coast since 1998. In corporation with OzAsia Festival this year, the Australian’s favourite night market will run in the Adelaide Festival Center Precinct from September 24, 2015 (today) to October 4, 2015 with free entry.


Australia’s top and favorable Asian restaurants and eateries have lined up to provide Adelaide an experience like no others. There are local restaurants such as Madame Hanoi or stalls from interstate such as Hoy Pinoy. In terms of the cuisines, market attendees will expect to find Japanese, Catonese, Filipino, fusion Vietnamese and others from Asia. Many researchers in social science refer the 21st Century as the Asia Century. I am not a researcher in social science but I am sure the next week for me would be the Asian Noodle Market Week. 😀


Adelaide doesn’t see much of the Filipino food culture but the Hoy Pinoy will stir the market. Perhaps after work, coming to the Market to have some great chicken or pork skewers and a couple of bottles of beers? How fascinating and relaxing after a busy day! The atmosphere here at the market is exactly what I think it should be for a good market with good food. Beautiful sunset, gorgeous views and fantastic food are all the factors for us to continue to love our city and the great nation. 🙂


Back onto the food, the Filipino BBQ from Hoy Pinoy really turned us on. The smoky charcoal fragrance and beautiful meat aroma can easily stimulate a person’s appetite. We tried their pork belly skewer tonight. Woolah! I cannot resist it. The chunky pork belly was marinated in their sauce for 3 days before being on the charcoal BBQ. The meat was cooked to perfection with the fatty part melting in the mouth in a flash! It liquefied on the spot and all the flavours are fully released onto the palate, leaving a fabulous South-East Asian after-taste. I am already craving for more now only after a couple of hours and can see us back in the market soon. 😛 – Highly and highly recommended!






If you are not a meat lover like me but are into YumCha, there is also a stall called “Let’s do YumCha” which serves traditional YumCha dishes, such as Dim Sim, Hargow and BBQ Pork Bun. You may wish to check them out if you are looking for an alternative style to our yum cha places in Adelaide. 🙂




For Japanese cuisine lovers, there is also a innovated Japanese stall “Everyone Loves Ramen”. By saying innovative, I meant it. The stall showed a new way of cooking to appreciate Japanese ramen. The ramen has been been fried and either covered by meat or incorporated into meat dishes. The chicken karaage dish below is a good example. The chicken was cooked to perfection but you can taste and see the fried ramen inside the meat. How great is that! Highly recommended.








If you are after some good wines, Yalumba also has a stall. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo for the stall but spotted the Yalumba truck on my way out 😀



The market is not only having food events but also an array of culture features/stalls such as the stall which sells Japanese products. These indeed added Asian elements to the market and the environment.





After enjoying the market, was invited to the media launch at Sean’s Kitchen, where Fairfax, Sean and OzAsia festival discussed the extent to the Market and the view into future.



I am still quite fancy about the food here even after repeated trials. I won’t talk about much about the media launch in this post but to show you what inspired me, see the roasted pig below. 😀


Like one of my fans said today, the market is with “Great atmosphere and food”. I indeed agree with him. If you want to try some fantastic Asian food, I strongly recommend you to go to the Noodle Market during the coming week or so. Perhaps a weekend food getaway is a good idea.


Until the next post, foodies, enjoy food and enjoy life!




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    Recently I visited Ozfest Night Noodle Markets for their first display in Adelaide and it was an engaging and cultural experience worth the trip! The event was so successful, it will be hosted again next year! This post sums up the majority of events on offer and below, a link to a slideshow on the event is also included.


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