The Moseley Bar and Kitchen

The dinning atmosphere in Glenelg, especially around moseley square, has been dramatically developed over the past several years. In 2014, after a multi-million-dollars-redevelopment, the Moseley Bar and Kitchen opened its door to the public. The old dublin hotel has become a part of history but the new moseley bar and kitchen has shown strong activity since opening. Focusing on local food produce, the pub image itself has a premium dinning destination at the bay. If taking a look at the internal decor on the entry of the venue, diners will definitely been impressed with the industrial revolutionary period feeling – at least, I did.



In fact, walking along the whole venue, diners will find the pub is fully filled with different elements from the industrial revolution. From light bulbs to shelving components, the venue emphasised a great degree of classicality. With an open kitchen, diners can also easily see the chefs in action while enjoying a good glass of beer or wine. The restaurant also has a second floor and alfresco dinning options. It is no doubt that in summer times, the place is to be filled with people.




The menu for the night are composed of dishes that have not been on their formal menu yet but an experienced foodie can definitely tell the amount of effort the chefs have put in to the menu. It showcases fresh local produce, ranging from seafood to lamb and beef. To be honest, the venue has a high focus of seafood and this is fantastic for a restaurant located near the seaside. Locals and visitors-alike would possibly wanting to experience local seafood at a seaside restaurant when visiting the area. We normally do this. Wherever we go, if there is a local emphasis, it will definitely catch our attentions.


The menu


For the entree plate, if you ever get a chance, I highly recommend you to try it. The three petite dishes served illustrated the good concept of east-west fusion in cuisines.


The entree plate
The entree plate


The three petite dishes (from left to right) are:

Pork belly with pickled red cabbage purée and apple – The pork belly was done well. We all know pork belly works best with fruit, no matter it is apple or pear. The sweetness from the fruit takes away the oiliness from the meat while injecting the syrup into the meat which has been very tender. The skin of the belly was crispy, but can be crispier, while the red cabbage puree enhanced the overall mouthfeel of the belly. Good work! 🙂


Prawn Cigar – by looking at it, the ‘cigar’ appeared to me as a spring roll or similar. I was never a fan of spring roll but this dish changed my mind completely. The fresh and tender prawn pieces combined very well with the crunchy spring roll skin. The best component for this dish is the smoky sauce, moderately hot and spicy with a touch of sweetness. When enjoyed with the ‘cigar’, miracle occurs. It does taste like a cigar :D. My favourite entree dish of the night. I am still wondering what the sauce is made of. To me, it tasted like a blend of paprika and capsicum. Yummo! Highly recommended.


Scallop and crab terrine – this dish will have you rediscover what a terrine can be defined. The scallop and crab were mixed into a paste like delicacy with a citrus focus. On palate, it showcased a good level of creaminess as well as fresh seafood flavour. I suggest you try this dish last because it can also act as a palate cleanser to overcome the roast pork belly and smoky cigar flavour.


The Moseley Seafood Pot, saffron aioli, housemade bread


The Moseley Seafood Pot, saffron aioli, housemade bread

I am sure the entree dishes have shown a good focus on seafood. Hence, Tina decided to order a main to further travel on the seafood dinning journey. This dish is a typical showcase of the perfect combination of spiciness and seafood. Many people would think seafood is at its best to be enjoyed with its original flavour. While this is the case, fresh seafood can also be enjoyed with spicy complements. This dish is a perfect example. It contained mussels, cockles, barramundi, calamari and oyster and all these great Aussie seafood varieties were made into a stew style pot dish with spicy soup. I have to admit the spicy soup is a good addition as it emphasised the seafood flavour while lifting the whole experience to a different level. It also created this layer of flavour which stays on the palate for a long time. If you are adventurous enough, take a piece of the chargrilled bread wrapped with the saffron aioli and enjoy it while the soup has gone into the mouth. You will taste something completely new and creamy! A good level of saltiness in this dish too. Well done!


500g slow roasted short rib, cos heart and
500g slow roasted short rib, cos heart and red wine jus


500g slow roasted short rib, cos heart and red wine jus

Using one word to describe the first image of this dish to me? Massive! Yes, it is massive espeically with a 500g roasted beef short rib. This dish on its own can definitely satisfy a hungry animal’s belly. However, quantity and quality sometime match each other well and this dish is a perfect example. The meat has been cooked to perfection and is easy to be peeled off the bone. Note the word I used here. Yes peeling not cut as the meat was so soft and cutting would definitely destroy the texture. : P. On the flavours, the meat has a good roasted meat on the palate while the flavour of the meat has been fully promoted with the red wine jus. It is different from many of the beef short ribs I have experienced in other venues. It is not sticky but has the correct amount of moisture maintained in the meat so any bite is not only flavoursome but also tender and juicy. Brilliant dish! Highly recommended.


I was unable to taste the combination of the cos heart because Tina stole them to fit her stomach :(. However, I suppose after having the whole seafood pot and 3/4 of the ribs, if I can eat any more food, I must be ….. I thought about experience the dessert but unfortunately, I was not able to fit anything more into the belly so the plan changed to go home and prepare work for the second day. Whoo! 😀


Anyway, the whole dinning experience in The Moseley Bar and Kitchen has been smooth and pleasant. If you are after a good summer venue or winter night venue, I definitely recommend you to give this place a try. I am already planning when my parents visiting in December, this is a venue on my list to show them.


Having dined here previously? Don’t be hesitated to leave your experience in the comment below. 🙂




Disclaimer: was invited to the venue as a guest for media menu launch and all opinions are our own.


The Moseley Bar and Kitchen

11 Moseley Square

Glenelg, SA 5045

P 08 8295 3966


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