KangKong, Adelaide

If you are continuously searching for a great Asian restaurant, Adelaide now has another top one on offer. Working in collaboration with Adelaide City Council, KangKong bar and restaurant opened its door a couple of weeks ago. The restaurant is located on Waymouth Street, which has been transformed to Adelaide’s popular dinning destination with so many top restaurants. The great location also has its significance in linking the Riverbank and Adelaide Central Market and hopefully Adelaide’s night life can be enhanced with so many bars and restaurants opening.



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So, what does Kangkong mean exactly? When the invitation appeared in the inbox, I searched on wiki. Yes, I love wiki for almost everything but not for scientific research :). Kangkong is a plant called Ipomoea aquatica, or commonly known as Chinese spinach. From the name, people can possibly guess the origin of the cuisine. Yep, it offers traditional Asian cuisine but more importantly, it has the modern twist. I am sure many of us have been tired of having large volume Asian food – it is cheap, it is tasty but as a human nature, we want more than just affordable and tasty. I don’t deny my crave for Asian street food, especially with my childhood being in that environment. However, I do think Asian cuisines can be a bit finer and modern than just being traditional. Just a thought, open for debate 😀


As soon as walking into the KangKong, diners will most likely to notice the drawing on the wall on the left hand side. This is definitely showing the origin of the food and the cuisine. The three guys there are Chinese gods for fortune, money and long-lives. I have a different philosophy towards gods and religion, but hey, they are cute, ain’t they??!



While diners may think the oriental part of Kangkong is interesting, when heading to the other side, DJs with classic or pop music is on while a large bar and open kitchen are in operation, making one definitely wonders where they are at. 🙂


Seared Salmon with Unami Crust




In terms of the food, the quality here can easily satisfy a hungry and stingy person. Kangkong’s cuisine is a good combination of Asian, Thai and Vietnamese dishes and often people will see the dishes being small for sharing. Like the salmon dish above, the exotic flavours combined with the fine textures of the sashimi quite well but it is different from your traditional Japanese. However, it was simply great!


Chicken Satay




On the other hand, if you are a meat lover like me, you may want to savour some of their signature dishes, such as the one above. The chicken was cooked so succulent and tender while the flavours are influenced heavily by Vietnamese cuisine and fish sauce. You get a bit of the saltiness but the salad and coriander will make it up with fantastic tastes, spiciness and freshness.


Beef Tataki



Chicken is not the only meat served at Kangkong. This beef dish was equally good with medium rare beef and a hint of creaminess coming onto the palate. The beef is surely of good quality and the tenderness and juiciness after grilling made them absolutely divine to enjoy! 🙂




Another dish which I liked was the sausage dish above. Please excuse me that I did not quite remember the name of the dish but the sausages were damn good with flavours and slight extra saltiness but again the sauce neutralised the flavours well. I’ve never had such dish in Asian restaurants previously, but the flavoursome sausage really got my “wow” after the first bite.




If you are the kind of diners who ask for meat balls anywhere you go, Kangkong can satisfy your craving too. This meatball dish again had strong influence of fish sauce, coriander, chilli and saltiness but would be the perfect match for a red shiraz like wine which can add extra spiciness to bright your night. Do try it!


Fried Chicken with Kimchi dressing


Ever since Korean fried chicken became popular in both worlds, somehow people try to relate fried chicken to Korean cuisines. This dish is very innovative. The chicken pieces were fried to perfection with moist and tender meat providing such an aroma that one cannot resist. The kimchi dressing further emphasised this was a Korean influenced dish and both Tina and myself were not able to stop eating them. Well done!


These are just some highlights from the menu and there are lots more at Kangkong. I am planning to have another visit to sample their proper menu and see how other dishes go. Wonder whatelse can be expected? Guess what dish it is below 🙂







44 Waymouth Street


P 08 7226 5255

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