{Recipes} Toothfish Ceviche and Tataki

These two recipes are for the appetiser and the entree in the previous post.

Glacier 51 Toothfish Ceviche





150 g          Toothfish fillet steak (Skin off) – diced and chopped into small pieces

3                  Spring onion green leaves – sliced into thin pieces

a handful  Coriander leaves – chopped or cut into small pieces

2 tbsp        Capers

6                  Lemon – juiced

3                  Limes – juiced

2 pinches  Salt


several       Soy & linseed crackers

Tooth fish pieces


Left: Coriander leaves & Right: Spring onion leaves


1. Season the toothfish pieces with the salt and pepper and add the lemon and lime juices.


2. Marinate the fish in the juice for 15 minutes. The color of the fish now should be totally white.

3.Drain the excess juices from the marinade as much as possible. Keep the fish in a new container.

4. Add the coriander, spring onion and capers and mix well. Add salt to taste.


5. Transfer the content in 4 to a new bowl and plate up!


It makes a good appetiser to start the night and is so easy to make. Read about the flavour and taste here.


Toothfish Tataki





70 g          Toothfish fillet steak – trimmed to a good shape

Lots of    Black sesame seeds

1 tsp        Kewpie Japanese mayinnaise

1/2 tsp    Wasabi

1 tbsp      Soy sauce

1 tbsp      Mirin

3 tbsp      Herring roe caviar



1. Lay the sesame seeds on a plate as shown below.


2. Place the fish onto the sesame seeds and make sure all sides of the fish are covered with the seeds.


3. Meanwhile, mix the Japanese mayonnaise and wasabi well into a paste and spread on a plate as shown.



4. Oil in the pan and put on high heat until just smoking. Place the fish from part 2 into the pan and sear for 20 seconds each side (6 sides in total).

5. Remove the fish from heat and slice into 1cm slices.

6. Arrange the fish slices onto the plate. Top with fresh coriander leaves and the herring roe caviar.

7. Mix the soy sauce and mirin together and spoon over the top of the fish sliced.



A review to this dish by myself can be read here.


This two methods are applicable for most of the fish and can be a good addition to your table and enhance your dinning experience. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “{Recipes} Toothfish Ceviche and Tataki

  1. I like the second raw fish dish. Tataki, is it? I remembered having beef tataki when traveled in Japan last year.


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