{Product Review} Water Buddies

Over about two or three weeks ago, I got send these samples from a PR company. Mostly my readers know that I don’t normally do drinks reviews and actually never did any review on water. One would think that water is just water and why you are wasting time reviewing it. I accepted the products because it claimed to be kids friendly. Many of you may not be so interested in these waters, but I guess the ones with young kids may want to buy these cute ones.


Water Buddies is a brand of a New Zealand company, which promote their water as a healthy option for kids. Being pure NZ spring water as a foundation, the brand made plain water more fun for children through both the taste and the little cute animations and bottle shapes. There are a total of five flavours of the water. They are Real Yum Strawberry, Awesomely Orangey, Nothing but water!, Goodie Goodie grape and Kiwifruit & Strawbs. They event sent me these animation stickers. Although I am not a kid anymore, it’s deep in my soul. LOL



Back to the waters, I got three flavours. The real yum raspberry, awesomely orangey and nothing but water. The brand claimed that their water products are healthy for the kids with no artificial coloring, flavour and no added sugar. In fact, the labeled sugar level was only 1.8% for the varieties. I guess it’s may be a good drink to substitute for juices and other flavoured drinks.


Let me talk about each individual ones. I first tried the Nothing but water, because it is plain water, which means that I can basically enjoy the raw flavour of the spring water. It’s like a control in wine tasting or in biological experiments. The plain water tasted better than tap water for sure with the freshness one can expect to get from a big spring. It’s with a hint of sweetness too but it’s not the sugary sweet, it’s more like a high quality waterfall! lol


Then I went on tasting the other two flavours. On top of the flavours I got from the plain water, the raspberry and orange ones were nice to have. They contain higher sweetness than the plain water but is still much lower than it of fruit juices. The distinctive flavour of the orange and raspberry were identifiable on the palate. The color of both products are completely colorless, just as our normal water.



I basically finished all the bottles in 1 hr time and still wanted to have more. Now that’s something like a kid! Try the water out yourself and let the kids taste the differences. It is indeed a healthier option for the little ones. Water Buddies waters are available in Woolworths nationally and are priced at $1.99 – $2.49.


Coming up next is about my two specialty miniburgers! Stay tuned!


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