{Guest Blog} Chilli con Carnage Pie

Welcome to the new post, readers. I now have a guest blogger! Dougal from McFuzzlebutt’s Manchen (Man Kitchen) has partnered with Adelaidefoodies.com through guest blogging to showcase some of their popular recipes. Welcome Dougal!


Dougal is a food enthusiast, self-taught cook, photographer and restaurant reviewer with a mission to educate people on healthy, quality and affordable meals while adopting a low to zero waste policy, a one which is very similar to mine.  Branching out into the multicultural dining venues of Melbourne and incorporating his findings into home-grown recipes, Dougal quickly had diners commenting on his ability to create flavour sensations since 1997. In 2002, he returned to Adelaide, the dreamland for food lovers, and the Central Markets became his second home. His ability to invent and understand flavour combinations allowed him to develop a smorgasbord of eccentric and enticing recipes which culminated in a SA top 20 spot for Master Chef (Series 1) and a position in the Adelaide Top 4 couples for My Kitchen Rules (Series 1). All of the recipes published here on Adelaidefoodies are created in Dougal’s kitchen, not from other people’s books.

All guest blog post from Dougal will be sorted in a tab named McFuzzlebutt’s Manchen under recipes and the recipe will not show detailed step by step guide unlike those of mine.

Chilli con Carnage Pie



Chilli Con Carne

Premium Beef Mince                                         500g

Pinto Beans (dried)                                            ½ Cup

Black-eyed Peas (dried)                                     ½ Cup

Red Onion                                                           Diced

Garlic                                                                     3 Cloves (crushed)

Red Chilli                                                                 2 Large (halved and sliced)

Carrot                                                                       2 Medium (½cm cubes)

Tomatoes                                                                1 Tin

Worcestershire Sauce                                          2 Tablespoons (approx 30ml)

Tomato Paste                                                         1 Tablespoon

Sweet Paprika                                                         1 Teaspoon

Smokey Paprika                                                      1 Teaspoon

Cayenne Pepper                                                     ½ Teaspoon

Vegemite                                                                   1 Tablespoon

Maple Syrup or Brown Sugar                             1 Tablespoon

Ground Black Pepper                                            Pinch

Bran/Grapeseed Oil                                               Drizzle


Parsnip, Potato & Parmesan Mash

Potatoes                                                                     3 (diced)

Parsnip                                                                        3 (diced)

Parmesan                                                                   100g (grated)

Butter                                                                          25g (softened)

Milk                                                                              ½ Cup

Ground Black Pepper                                                 Pinch





Chilli Con Carne


nEO_IMG_Chilli con Carne



–          Place Pinto Beans and Black-eyed Peas in water and soak overnight, then drain

–          Heat a frypan over medium heat and when hot, add a drizzle of oil

–          Add the onion, garlic, chilli and Rosemary and fry until tender

–          Remove from the pan into a clean bowl

–          Re-heat the frypan over high heat and once hot, add a drizzle of oil

–          Add the mince and fry, stirring and breaking up until browned

–          Return the onion, garlic and Rosemary to the pan along with the tomato paste, Vegemite, paprika’s, cayenne pepper and ground pepper then stir and allow to thicken

–          Add the Worcestershire Sauce, Maple Syrup and tinned tomatoes and stir through (add approximately ½ tin of water)

–          Reduce the heat to a simmer and add the Pinto Beans  and Black-eyed Peas then allow the mixture to cook for approximately 30 minutes


nEO_IMG_Chilli con Carnage Pie (pre-baked)




Parsnip, Potato & Parmesan Mash

–          Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (160 degrees fan-forced)

–          While the mince is cooking, add the potatoes and parsnip to boiling water for approximately 15 minutes or until soft

–          Drain and rinse the potatoes and parsnip and return to the pot over a very low heat

–          Mash the potatoes and parsnip and add the butter and mash until there are no lumps

–          Stir in the milk gradually until the mash becomes thick & creamy in texture

–          Add the ground pepper stir through and turn off the heat


Pie Assembly

–          Pour the Chilli con Carne mixture into an oven proof dish, then flatten and smooth into all corners

–          Sprinkle a small layer of the parmesan over the Chilli con Carne

–          Add a handful of the parmesan to the mash and stir through

–          Spoon the mash onto the chilli mixture and gently smooth it to cover all of the base

–          Sprinkle the remaining parmesan over the mash

–          Place the dish into the preheated oven and cook for 15 – 20 minutes until golden brown

–          Remove from the oven, cut into squares and serve


nEO_IMG_Chilli con Carnage Pie (baked)



nEO_IMG_Chilli con Carnage Pie (sliced)


1. Take the mince out of the fridge approximately 15 – 30 minutes before use to allow it to come to room temperature

2. Alternatively you can use tinned Pinto Beans and Black-eyed Peas that have been drained and rinsed (approximately ½ tin of each)


8 thoughts on “{Guest Blog} Chilli con Carnage Pie

  1. Oh, nom nom! Love Chilli con Carnage Pie! SUCH a family treat! will cook at my parents’ place next wk~


  2. One of those comfort food welcomed always. With vegemite in it, you stamped it ‘Australian’! 😀
    Thank you Dougal, for the recipe and instructions, and thank you Adelaide Foodie for featuring Dougal from McFuzzlebutt’s Manchen!


  3. Truly and verily and greedily I declare that I wish I could dive full face into this wonderful dish. Also the name con carnage cracked me up!


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