A recent Japanese dinner

Just noticed that I haven’t had Japanese food for a while. It’s like the caffeine for me now and if I haven’t had any in a couple of months, I feel dis-comfortable. LOL. Last Saturday, the weather was fine, the sun was out and I desperately wanted some Japanese food. Fortunately, my wife is a good cook in this cuisine and we had a good feast. From this post onward, I’ll also put some recipes and/or product reviews up for how to make basic Japanese food, from sushi to takoyaki and the list will keep growing in future with a separate cateogory on the website under recipes.


The menu for the night includes Sushi varieties, Takoyaki, Tonkatsu, soft shell crab and tempura SA king prawns and zucchini.

Tonkatsu – Deep fried pork cutlet, juicy and tasty


Takoyaki – Famous Japanese street food. Recipe coming soon. Hot and tasty!


The Fried Stuffs – A platter with deep fried soft shell crab pieces and tempura prawns and veges


Deep fried soft shell crab – I liked soft shell crabs since I was still young as Dad used to catch them and lightly batter it and cook with deep frying. Very flavoursome, very crunchy and no shells are to be worried. 😀


Tempura SA king prawns and  tempura zucchini (locally grown organic)


Sushi Platter 1


Seasoned Uramaki with fresh Huon Salmon


Uramaki stuffed with Huon Premium Smoked Salmon and avocado 


Herring roe gunkanmaki 


Flower 😛 – made from the leftover premium Huon smoked salmon and avocado


Sushi Platter 2


Avocado Uramaki, topped with flying fish roe


Grilled Eel Uramaki, stuffed with avocado


The drink to accompany the dinner was Kimura Ramune Strawberry soft drink – A new favorite recently discovered!


Enjoy! Recipes and product reviews are coming soon.


2 thoughts on “A recent Japanese dinner

  1. – You know my sentiment on Japanese food! 😛 I love the post! I grew up drinking ramune, the kind that you pop the marble (as lid) to drink.
    – I really like your new theme/look of the blog.
    – Looking forward to your recipe section.


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