Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch @ Stamford Plaza, Adelaide

What did you do in May on Mother’s Day? I guess most of us have taken our mother to lunch or prepared a special lunch for her. In human society, mothers have been the people that we are closest to for centuries. They care for us and would do everything for their kids. Think about the time when we were young and naughty, what mothers have done for us really reflects the human nature. Hence, people should care more about their parents especially when they are aged. Anyway, on Mother’s day, I took mum to Stamford Plaza Adelaide for their Mother’s Day Seafood Buffet Lunch.





Stamford Plaza  is one of those hotels in Adelaide city on North Tce and located in that building no one can really miss. The buffet costs $45 pp with a glass of Champagne on arrival. We were greeted by a welcoming waiter and were seated quickly. I now got a chance to have a look around. There were mainly mature aged diners with some families. For the 10 tables, most of them were fully occupied. There were spring rolls on each table as well as a jug of water. I didn’t taste the spring rolls because it was my childhood fav. but I’ve eaten too much of them. LOL 😛





Although the buffet was claimed to be a seafood buffet, we found only four varieties of seafood, mussels, oysters, king prawns and smoked salmons. However, their qualities were quite nice. The coffin bay oysters, although small, were fresh and tasty with all the goodies trapped in the center of the animal. The SA king prawn were tender and flavoursome and went well with the slightly sour thousand island sauce. The smoked salmon were of good quality and thickness, although they were not the best I’ve tasted. 





There were plenty of each of the seafood available and the service for filling up the plates were efficient. 







The seafood has taken too much space in my stomach and I went over the rest of the stuffs on the serving tables. There were 3 different types of cold meat, thinly sliced and served with sauces. They tasted okay even after having so much oysters ~~ LOL





The salads were made with fresh seasonal vegetables and leaves which gave crisp, refreshing and juicy tastes. The vinaigrettes used were okay but I would prefer more sour tastes.




The main course for the day was Greek style roasted lamb. Although the meat was tender and moist with strong herb tastes and good meaty flavours, I had to add plenty of salt to get balanced tastes. I guess that’s the side effects of having too much seafood. LOL~~





Pastas, rice and sided were also offered. However, since I was so full, none of them were tasted.





The buffet also offered a good range of desserts, from cup cakes to macarons. My wife liked them and described them as sweet and heartwarming. You probably know that I am not a fan of desserts so, take my wife’s word. 😛











Generally, the buffet offered a good array of dishes including seafood, meat, antipasto, salads, sides as well as desserts. The seafood quality was especially good compared to other dishes. It was a good event to take mum around and have fun times eating and chatting. What did you do on Mother’s Day?


Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5

Total: 12/20


Stamford Plaza Adelaide

150 North Tce


P 08 8461 1111




4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch @ Stamford Plaza, Adelaide

  1. For Mother’s Day this year, I took my folk out for yum cha because they love yum cha. The buffet looks wonderful! I might consider doing something like that next year for something different.


      1. LOL – swapsies! I think the best yum cha for a busy day like Mother’s Day would be at Citi Zen (on King William St). I took my folks to Eastern Garden at Burnside this year, and they were so busy that some dishes weren’t available (even though I booked the 2nd session out of 3 they had that day), and the quality of the food wasn’t as good as it usually was. Citi Zen is a bit more consistent with the quality of their dishes when they’re busy.


      2. Yes, the yum cha quality at citizen was quite nice. My wife worked there 9yrs ago when she first arrived in Adelaide. My ex and me dined there from the first day they opened. Apparently they moved into the pub opposite. LOL


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