50 Shades of Chocolate – Recipe Book Review and Giveaway

Chocolate, one of the most potent aphrodisiacs worldwide, is sometimes not so easy to deal with. However, for the world famous chocolatier, Claire Preen, making chocolate dishes is easy as. With her new book, 50 Shades of Chocolate, readers can expect to go through a life long journey in the world of chocolate. The book consists over 60 sexy chocolate recipes that readers can enjoy either on their own or sharing with friends.


I had a detailed look at the the book and I was amazed by the different ways that consumers can prepare chocolate. However, all the recipes included are easy to understand and not complicated to follow. Below is one example taken from the book – Baked Pear with a Fruit Nut Filling!


The book progressed from basic chocolate preparation skills to sauces, savoury bites and snacks and almost covered every single aspect of chocolate tasting. However, two sections, “Body Fun” and “Chocolate Games”, are really something different and caught my attention straight away. In these two sections, Claire also discussed other ways of enjoying chocolates such as body paints and sexylicious fondue.



The final section of the book talked about chocolate therapy which I never know before. Interesting stuffs to read in this section includes chocolate bath, chocolate and sugar scrub as well as chocolate lip balms.


Note: All recipes included in the photos above are copyrighted to Claire Preen.

Now, it comes to the good news. Readers of Adelaidefoodies.com can win a copy of Claire Preen’s newest recipe book, 50 Shades of Chocolate

Terms and Conditions:

1. Competition is open to Australian residents only.

2. Like the facebook fan page of 50 Shades of Chocolate and Adelaidefoodies.

Enter via the following link



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