Masha and its applications

Masha, a new innovative machine designed for easy mashing of potatoes, has been on the news and social media all over Australia in the past month or so. I received a Masha for trial 2 weeks ago. It worked brilliantly with potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado and even carrots. Masha was originally designed for mashes, but its applications are vast and broad.



Masha is brought to Australian consumers  by PREP, a company that aimed to develop and introduce convenient and easy to use appliances. These appliances are designed in Australia and made in the companies manufacturing facility in China. Masha is one of their innovations with distinctive features. I’ve tried the product 6 times by now and it really made the life in the kitchen much easier.


Time Saver:Using the machine is really something effortless and it can make perfectly smooth mashes in just seconds thanks to its patented Rotor Cone Technology. It is also user friendly as one can easily operate the device by just pressing the start button.

Easy to Clean: After each use, the front head can be taken off and be washed just with running water. There’s no more scrubbing and wiping, the running water does it all in just minutes. This even saves more time.

Easy to Store: From the picture, you can probably see that the size of the Masha is not big. It is also quite light so that it can be easily stored in any cupboard without taking too much space.

Now, after stating all the goodies, let me show you something we made tonight. I had some leftover plums from last week and I don’t want to waste them. I cut 10 of them into pieces, chucked in a glass bowl and let Masha do the job. Note on the smoothness of the plum paste below.


After mashing and mixing, the plum pieces became a really smooth and silky textured paste which can be used for many purposes. I can be a good filling to a sweet pastry or toppings or even as a spread. In this way, the paste is full of plum flavour and extraordinarily moist as all the juices were maintained during the mixing process. This is much better than making a jam, I think. 😀

Anyway, my wife made her loved super crump and delicious baked pastry with the paste! It tasted beautiful with extra layers of plum flavours in the mouth. Just loved them and now I need to drink some coffee to get the snacks dissolved. LOL!


Masha is available in Myer, Harvey Norman and Big W with RRP $69.95 or online at  the PREP store for $49.95. Grab one while it is still red hot and enjoy cooking along the way! Enjoy the night, guys! 😀


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