“Fork on the Road” – Episode by ZTV

About a week ago, I blogged the Fork on the Road dinner party in Feb. It was a nice event with so thousands of people attending and I strongly believe it’s a good use of that dead space, which is now named The Depot. I still remember the space where the Depot is used to be the central bus station with all the interstate buses and so on. I attended Eynesbury College nearby the place and can still remember the dead silence on the weekends.

Anyway, Fork on the Road has fired up the social popularity of the Depot. I always wondered, maybe you had the same question, that who the guys behind the event are. Now, Zhivago TV, an online webepisode TV series based on “Capturing culture in a clip”, has found me the answer. The following video is about the last “Fork on the Road” event with interviews of my favourite Adelaide celebrity chef, Simon Bryant, Master chef, Callum Hann and other people involved in the event. Enjoy the episode!

ZTV (Zhivago TV) : S01E12 – The Depot, Fork on the Road & Damn the Man from ZhivagoTV on Vimeo.

Visit the ZTV facebook page for more photos!


One thought on ““Fork on the Road” – Episode by ZTV

  1. This is the sort of info I am looking for! Really wanted to go to one of the Fork on the road event 🙂


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