Cellar Door Wine Festival 2013 – VIP Event

The cellar door wine festival was originally established 3 years ago and since then it has become one of the most popular event here in South Australia. With winning numerous amounts of awards, the festival is now the largest of its kind in Australia. Visitors can expect to experience a variety of SA wineries from different wine region throughout the state. I went to the last year’s event and was absolutely in love with it. For this year, I was invited by Adelaide Convention Center to attend their VIP event before the official launch of the festival.


After arriving at the venue, I soon realized not many people was around. The vip area was located in the far end of the venue. The invited guests were dressed up in smart casual and wines were supplied with finger foods.



On random tables, there were cold meat platters with dips. I should admit that the quality of the food was good with nice flavours and distinctive characters. The wines offered were fabulous too, ranging from mid to high levels.




After one or two drinks, the speakers started to present for the night. The presentation that attracted my mind deeply was from the SA Tourism Minister, Gail Gago, who talked about the importance of food tourism to South Australia and the significance of the cellar door wine festival. I agree with her cos I do think food  tourism is a key part for the state. We produce some of the best food in Australia and in the world, but the recognition of our food sometimes does not match their reputation. Food tourism can indeed bring travelers’ attention and the recognition of SA food and wine and hence our reputation world wide will be raised.


To end this post, just hope every South Australian can involve in this food tourism scene and promote our fantastic food industry. Cheers



5 thoughts on “Cellar Door Wine Festival 2013 – VIP Event

  1. I am an annual visitor to the festival every year. Much loved the event and hopefully they will grow much bigger in future!


  2. Pingback: Jenny
    1. Hi Jenny. Apparently, the event is on every year and it cost $20 each person and you get a free wine glass and a show bag as well. Hope you will enjoy it when next year’s event is up~~


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