Fork on the Road, 08 Feb 2013 – Dinner Party

Fork on the road, Adelaide’s all-in-one-spot street food event, has finally set the fire up for dinner. I have missed the previous two events because of work. A dinner party is very handy for me to taste all the lovely street food that Adelaide has to offer all at one place. The event was located at the Depot, a new site developed for the Fringe.


We arrived there around 6pm but the heat was already fired up. The band was on, the beer was cold and the people were excited. What a good night for the event!



Now, it comes to the “food” time – oh, I mean dinner. The street food service providers at the event were vast, ranging from the famous Burger Theory and Chimichurri to some not so well known retailers. Since I really enjoyed BT and Chimichurri before, I decided to try some new stuffs.




Bruschetta was a good start to enjoy the street food journey for the night. The picky fingers was operated by three energetic and food enthusiastic young people. The dish was well priced and it doesn’t taste bad. The Bruschetta itself was crispy on the outside but soft in the center. I tried with prosciutto, ricotta and rocket. The prociutto was nice and chewy while making a good combination with the other two ingredients.



Bruschetta with prociutto, ricotta and rocket, $4.


After having the bruschetta, I went on the journey of endless browsing. I was like a child wanting to have basically everything. Oh, see what I found! Taste of Spain is a mobile food truck specializing in Spanish cuisine and offers various specialties including chorizo and paella. I always wanted to try their paella since the first Adelaide Night Market. Here we go! The chicken paella cost $10 and I should admit that one would not be disappointed. The chunky chicken pieces diffused its smell and taste well into the rice, which was warm, spicy and tasty. The aroma from the dish was fabulous too and I guess the saffron has done its job. Beautiful dish, good palate sensation and fantastic aromas!



Chicken Paella, $10.
Chicken Paella, $10.


During the night, I came across several of my so-eager-to-try mobile trucks. La Cantina Co. was one of them. As Adelaide’s only Mexican mobile food truck, the littler eatery did very well in the last year or so. At the Fork on the Road, La Cantina offered three different meat tacos and one vege taco.



 We ordered the black bean beef & chorizo taco and the chicken al carbon taco. Both of them tasted very nice, especially with strong spices on the palate. Both meat were seasoned well and combined with the soft shell taco in a great success. Although these were not the best taco I’ve ever had but they were seriously good ones. Only wish there could be more fillings. 😛

Chicken taco and Beef taco, 2 for $10




Sneaky Pickle is another one that I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I first read about this truck from where Dee criticised the goodies she had.  From the long queue at the event, I knew I came to the right place!



For the night, only the tasting plate was available which features a pulled pork bun, a pastrami sandwich and some pickles and mayo.

The tasting plate, $10
The tasting plate, $10




The pastrami sandwich was filled with generous amount of corn fed beef pastrami with strong taste of mustard and a thin layer of cheese. The sauce and the meat dealt good with each other and the beefy taste has been fully promoted. Once into the mouth, although there was no melt-in-the-mouth feeling, the texture and tenderness of the beef still showed well.


This was the favorite of the night, the pulled pork bun! Yummy and extremely tender pork was stuffed in a soft bun and made every bite super exciting especially with the melt in your mouth experience. The smoky sauce added extra flavours to the bun and the oiliness has bee well neutralized by the purple cabbage. The sour pickles and mayo were good complements too! I wish they had their deep fried pickles which would be so nice to try!


A great hot summer night should not be completed without some good icy pops. Loca pops  is the newest addition to the truck culture and sells Mexican styled fresh icy pops with real organic fruits. We tried their choc-orange and mandarin-ginger pops. Both of them were sweet and cool and I know they were even healthier to eat for summer! LOL The mandarin-ginger pop had real ginger in it and this have driven my taste buds further~~


Choc-Orange and Mandarin-Ginger Pops, $3 each
Choc-Orange and Mandarin-Ginger Pops, $3 each


Thanks to the fantastic works of Splash Adelaide, we can have heaps of street food out on the truck. This event was especially good as it was for dinner and catered well for guys who would not have time during daytime to join the queues!

La Cantina Co on Urbanspoon
Sneaky Pickle Roaming Food Truck on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “Fork on the Road, 08 Feb 2013 – Dinner Party

  1. Too hot for me Xin, so I’m glad you went and tried it all for us 🙂 I really like the way Sneaky Pickle has sourced their American-style packaging, it’s not the usual stuff you see and really adds to the concept. I am a huge fan of American diner/bbq food and this van grabbed me the most. I know I’m weird but I gravitate more toward SE Asian flavours ….Spanish, Mexican and Italian just don’t float my boat and usually give me reflux so I avoid them. The ice blocks look and sound fab, great idea for an Adelaide summer. Loved your reviews and so pleased you had a tasty nosh-up!


  2. It was very crowded, but I am glad we are the first city in Australia hosting a street food festival!


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