Souvlaki Bros Charcoal Yiros

Let’s continue my story and bizarre day at Glenelg. Despite the fact that we had such bad food and services from the Dublin Hotel and Yum Sing Express,  I did enjoy my old fav charcoal yiros. I discovered this place since they opened their doors many years ago. It has then become my quick lunch spot every time I go to Glenelg and it never failed my expectations.


Oh man, how many yiros did I have since their opening. It’s countless now but their quality has always been the same. Welcoming service people made this pleasant feeling even further. The smell of the little eatery is full of flavour with strong charcoal smokiness. Souvlaki bros offers yiros meat straight from their hot charcoal grill. Watching the meat roasting while the oil drops down is another kinky fantasy for me. LOL



With modern design and decor, the restaurant is highly mediterranean influenced. Even the design of the yiros package is a bit funky which emphasised their logo well.


The restaurant offers two types of chargrilled lamb and chicken. To satisfy our craving for yiros, we ordered both of them. Let me say this in advance. During previous visits, I’ve tasted all of their yiros varieties but I liked the Spitfire the most, but this time we just ordered the Traditional ones.

Traditional Lamb Yiros, $12.
Traditional Lamb Yiros, $12.


Traditional Lamb Yiros, $12. Their lamb yiros is the best in Adelaide, I think. Succulent chunky lamb pieces were char grilled to perfection. The meat was so tender and moist. Absolutely divine! Accompanied by tasty sauces, the meat showed many different layers of flavours. The meaty fantasy, the smokiness as well as the cheeky sauce taste complemented each other very well. {Adelaidefoodies Recommended!}

Traditional Chicken Yiros, $12.


Traditional Chicken Yiros, $12. The chicken yiros had almost the same characteristics as the lamb yiros. The meat was so juicy and tender. However, personally I prefer the lamb yiros – just because I love having lamb and its slight game taste!

Souvlaki Bros never failed my expectations. Unlike other shops, this yiros eatery has maintained their quality since the first day and hence has gain numerous recommendations by other people in different online food platforms. A highly recommended place for yiros in Adelaide!

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5
Ambience: N/A

Total: 11.5/15


Souvlaki Bros Charcoal Yiros

1 Holdfast Walk, Moseley Square
Glenelg, SA 5045


P 08 8376 7355



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4 thoughts on “Souvlaki Bros Charcoal Yiros

    1. Yep. After my first try of this place many years ago, I just became a real fan of it. This may be cause by the fact that I like char grilled meat. I know there’s a charcoal yiros in the city too but have not got any chane to try.


    1. Thanks Fae! I went to a Greek fest the other day, absolutely beautiful food. I really love it! Greek, Italian, Spanish and Japanese are my 4 favs at the moment. I’ll need to try some French cuisine too. LOL


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