The dublin hotel, Glenelg

Weekends are always good time to relax and spend some time with the family, especially after a long working week. However, if you don’t consume proper food, the whole weekend can be totally ruined. My readers probably will recognise that I have not put any bad comments down for restaurants for a long time, but I did have two bad food in one go! 😦

Several weeks ago, I took my parents in law to Glenelg since this is their first time in Adelaide. The views were beautiful with plenty of tourists and kids. I always think there are better beaches than Glenelg in Adelaide, but anyway, this is not important. While we were there, I dined at this Dublin Hotel which was just located along Jetty road. In fact, I was willing to try this place since its opening. The decor of the pub is very classic with some cool lights and cosy seats.



We ended ordering two dishes on their lunch special menu. The nightmare has started from now!

Lunch Special: Angus Rump with chips, $15.


Angus Rump with chips, $15. Because my wife’s father doesn’t eat raw meat, we ordered the rump to be cooked medium well. The manager looked at me as if we were monsters. The dish took 45 mins to come, not to mention that I went several times inside to push for the order. The standard reply is – “It takes time to cook a medium well steak!” Are you cooking it from raw meat?!!!!! ??????!!!!!!!!! Even this was the case, 45 mins can cook many well done steaks!

The rump finally came 45 mins later. However, this was the meat with the worst quality I’ve ever tasted. The meat was cold and hard. Yes, hard, stone hard! The steak was cooked well done with bold and dry meat content. The meat was very hard to cut even with a steak knife. Being stone hard and difficult to cut, the meat was very chewy like solidified gums and rubber. I did not order plastics, did I? The even worse part came from the chips which has become super soggy. What an experience!

Salt and pepper squid, $15.


Salt and pepper squid, $15. The salt and pepper squid came with the steak. Yes, 45 mins after ordering it. During this time, I asked several times for the squid to be served first. However, I got a reply from the stuff that they needed to cook for other tables. Oh, other tables! Didn’t you just have 3 tables to cater for? I may be wrong as there were invisible ones. This must be the reason which has put me on fire. The squid was not hot when arrived, with rubbery mouth feel and bland taste. The salad was okay but you forgot to add any vinaigrette!

I know I am not dining at one of the top restaurant around Adelaide but even some cheap pubs can make their service right with acceptable dishes. However, the Dublin hotel at Glenelg has just showed how crap a restaurant can be! The final touch of my experience at this place was that my parents in law came back home with bad diarrhea for the whole weekend!

Would I be back? Not in my lifetime! Would I recommend this place? I suggest my readers to avoid this place. Would I even go pass this place in future? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Food: 0.5/5
Service: 0.5/5
Value: 2/5 considering price/quality
Ambience: 3/5

Total: 6/20


The dublin hotel

11 Moseley Square
Glenelg, SA 5045


P 08 8295 3966


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11 thoughts on “The dublin hotel, Glenelg

  1. I dined there several weeks ago and had the same feeling as you. The only goodie about this place is their competitive price.


  2. My mouth is licking after seeing this post. I too want to go outside and want to each such special food. Dublin is a place where anyone can enjoy food, can visit beautiful places and can feel the comfort in the room at a hotel.


  3. I think the Dublin Hotel changed hands last year…we used to enjoy eating there but have found the food is no where near as good as it once was.


    1. I agree with you Louise. I heard many good things about it before but the turnout was really something disappointing. The owner should really work on their food though. 😀


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