{Product Review} Roza’s Gourmet Sauces

This is going to be a short and quick post about three products that I’ve been send from a Brisbane family run business that makes sauces and dips. I got contacted by them on Twitter. To be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention/expecting much about the products initially. However, once I tasted the products, the brand image for me has totally changed and the tastes were really surprising.


When Roza Robertson started her business in 1991, she probably would not think that her business can be a leading sauce company in Brisbane after 20 years. The company creates a wide range of sauces and believes that the right sauce can turn a meal into a feast. I got the sauces several weeks ago but by now, they have all been finished by now. 😛 All the sauces are very tasty and can accompany a wide range of dishes.


The sauces sent to me were their new product line, the Dairy Free Pesto, the Remoulade and the Smoky Mayonnaise. The dairy free pesto was the first one that got finished. I used it as a coating for grilled fish skewers on the barbie, but unfortunately I haven’t got any photos to share. However, in terms of the taste, the Pesto was wonderful. My wife is allergic to dairy products but because this product is dairy free, she quite loved it. The pesto contained a bit of sourness with a strong herbal and citrus on the nose. As a coating for the fish, it provided another extra layer of complexity to the fish meat and complemented the seafood taste well.


The other 2 sauces were used as dips for my tonkatsu. Remoulade (left one above) is a sauce invented in France and is the closest sauce  to tartar. However, the taste was much better. The remoulade was mayo based with a tarragon smell on the nose. On palate, some honey, shallot and gherkin taste appeared in layers. A hint of sourness also complemented my meat well. In other occasions, I used it for fresh and cooked seafood and the effect on the taste was even stronger as it promoted the original sea flavour and sweetness. {Adelaidefoodies recommended}

On the other hand, comparing to the remoulade, the smoky mayonnaise was not much popular among my family. However, it still tastes very good. The smokiness was an obvious on the nose and the taste was a combination of paprika, garlic and lemon with a traditional strong mayo base. I liked it later on when I used it as a sandwich sauce.

Roza’s gourmet sauce products are available for purchase online at their website. I really wish they could open a shop in Adelaide as the sauces are such delish additions to many dishes!


4 thoughts on “{Product Review} Roza’s Gourmet Sauces

  1. nice work! They are famous here in Brisbane. Our family loved their products, although we have not tried the new line yet.


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