Dreamy Donuts Adelaide Airport

Airport. How did I end up in the airport for 1.5 hrs? The answer was to wait for my wife’s parents’ arrival. Anyway, while we were there, I discovered this new shop, Dreamy Donuts, specialising in donuts near Gate 21 in the domestic chamber. Dreamy Donuts is a national franchise business, originated in 2006 in QLD and now has shops in QLD, SA, NSW and WA with a global scoop. The business was proud of their special yeast which was said to make no holes in the donuts dough.


Dreamy donuts have two shops in SA, one at the airport and the other at Elizabeth. The decor of the shop is pretty cute with bright and variable colors. This fits the whole airport scene very well. The service girl in the photo was pretty knowledgeable about their own donuts, especially in explaining the differences between varieties. By talking about varieties, the shop sells donuts with many toppings.



As being in the airport, the shop only offers 2 set of seating on the side. However, on each one of them, there’s a donut shaped toy. See me below becoming a real donut!  😀


To taste their dough and topping separately, we ordered their “traditional glazed” and their gourmet “cookie & cream (white chocolate)” donuts. I can tell you, my readers, I wasn’t disappointed about my choices.

Traditional Glazed
Traditional Glazed


Traditional Glazed donut, $2.90. Wow. the dough of the donuts is very good. It’s very soft and a little fluffy. After each bite, the dough maintained its shape very well. After chewing the dough for several minutes, a strong aromatic of yeast and flour arises. The glaze is not so sweet which fit my teeth. However, if you love super sweets, Krispy Kreme may be the place to go. Unfortunately, they don’t have shops in Adelaide.

Cookies n Cream – White, $3.90


Cookies n Cream – White, $3.90. Made with real Oreo chocolate cookies and tasty white chocolates, the donut was crunchy and yummy. In addition to the good dough was the delicious yet not so sweet glaze. Highly recommended.

It’s such a gem that I discovered in this trip to the Airport. Only wished if they can open a shop in the city.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3.5/5


Total: 11/15


Dreamy Donuts

Shop 30, Level 2, Terminal 1, Andy Thomas Circut

Adelaide Airport

SA 5950


P 08 8234 3504




8 thoughts on “Dreamy Donuts Adelaide Airport

  1. I pass this place all the time (at least twice a month), but I’m either running to catch a plane or running to catch a lift home. One day, I will have enough time to buy myself a donut from here. I’m glad that you’ve said the donuts are good – it gives me more incentive to make time for a purchase 🙂


      1. I actually liked both kk and dreamy donuts. The dough for kk is better but they are too sweet. I tried gourmet glaze before and actually I was just planning to go and get some of their donuts tomorrow on my way out. 😀


  2. I have passed by this place every now and then and have enjoyed their donuts. Like your dressing in the donut shape. LOL


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