My Christmas Table 2012 – Christmas Day Lunch

Christmas day lunch is one of the most important event for me cos the whole family can get together and share the joy and stories in life. Hence, a good Xmas lunch is the key to a happy family. The menu for this year’s lunch features turkey, Berkshire pork as well as an Australian seafood platter, which is a good sign to show how Aussie ppl enjoy their Christmas.




Apple, jalapeno, Luigi guffanti gorgonzola piccante blue cheese and smoked salmon skewers – The apple and the blue cheese had really good interactions with each other, promoting a fruity flavour whereas the jalapenos added extra layer of complexity to the taste.


Marinated mushrooms, hot n spicy twiggy sticks and the blue cheese skewers – Honestly, this tasted good but the spiciness from the twiggy sticks over covered the sourness of the mushrooms.


Barossa Fine Food duck terrine, strawberry and cucumber – Believe me, you got to try this dish yourself. The fruit and vegie was so refreshing and the duck terrine was soft and creamy. A very good complement to each other.



Australian seafood platter  – WA rock lobster, Antarctica king crab legs, SA king prawn, raw KI purple scallop, Pan seared half cooked KI purple scallop and smoked salmon flowers with herring caviar.  The sauces are wasabi soy sauce and tartar sauce.


WA rock lobster – Aussie seafood are sooooooooooooooo tasty and sweet!


Antarctica king crab legs


SA King prawns


Pan seared half cooked KI purple scallop


Smoked salmon



Spices brined roast Coles Finest Hunter Valley free range turkey – If you get a dry turkey after roasting, brining is the way to solve the problem and I’ll have a separate post on this. The turkey after brining is juicy and tender even after being left in fridge overnight. Yum!



Roast Berkshire pork belly with roast pear – Roasting pear and the pork together added extra flavour and sweetness to the meat. I’ve talked about how good the pork is before but the the cracking was very satisfying.  Delish! However, sadly, the pork was over cooked with black char-ed colors on the skin :”(




Mixed vegie, radish and citrus salad with balsamic vinegar



2008 Petaluma Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay – my fav. Chardonnay in SA



4 thoughts on “My Christmas Table 2012 – Christmas Day Lunch

  1. Such a sensational treat you had! The seafood platter looked very mouth watering. I am so hungry!


  2. Another magnificant post! Good use of aussie seafood and an enjoyable read. We had king crab this year as well. They are so tasty and sweet. How did you brine your turkey? Our went really dry 3 yrs ago and since then we stopped roasting turkey for Christmas.


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