The most original Russian Lover @ ONYX Dessert Lounge

Adelaide has become a more dynamic city in the last couple of years, especially with the night market, food trucks and numerous dessert places appearing. Back in 2001 when I was still in high school there was hardly any good dessert places. However, look at how many new dessert bars and eateries established. However, the most recent addition to the crowd, Onyx Dessert Lounge, has been a true standout with high demand and popularity since it opened doors in October.


On the other hand, Adelaide is lack of Russian cuisines. The only place I can think on top of my head is the small eatery in the Central Market. However, don’t get me wrong, we certainly drink plenty of the most famous spirits from Russia, Vodka! Among all the brands in market, our family especially likes the Stolichnaya, a premium vodka that originated in the black soils of Russia. Since its establishment, the brand has won numerous awards and medals and is still very popular around the world. To fit the holiday scene this year, the vodka has introduced some drinks named “the most original” series. Besides, the brand has also selected some of the best and most original bartenders in Australia to produce some of the most wonderful cocktails.


Monnie @onyx dessert lounge is one of the bartenders selected and is the only one in Adelaide. Fortunately, we were invited to experience this most original Russian Lover cocktail last week and I absolutely loved it.


Before going deep into the cocktails, let’s talk about the dessert lounge itself. The lounge is located on O’Connell Street, one of the most famous dinning precincts in Adelaide food fine food and premium bars. The decoration of the lounge is pretty chic and modern. With a moderate bar area, the lounge does not only offer food but also cocktails and wines. The seats in the lounge is outstanding too and it produces a ‘welcome home’ feel by first sight.




Now, it’s time for the most original cocktail, the Russian Lover. Obviously, it was created for the Stolichnaya vodka, as indicated in the name, “Russian”. However, the other part of the name “Lover” suggested the drink to be sexy, tropical and complex. That’s how you feel when falling in love with someone, isn’t it?! 😀 Anyway, the drink was created with various ingredients starting with basil and juices but I don’t know the exact recipe. However, even by looking at Monnie’s action in preparing and making the cocktail, I felt it was a pure enjoyment. She was quick and very professional and was said to be one of the best bartender in Adelaide. No wonder she was chosen by Stolichnaya.






Here we go! The Russian Lover has come to us. I luv ya! The drink itself looks pretty colorful with a yellow-green color down the bottom and a mousse made from lemon juice on the top. In terms of the taste though, it was fantastic. The main aim for creating the “lover”, according to Monnie, was to make something sexy, tropical and complex. Is she successful? Yes, I’d say absolutely.


Is it sexy? Sure! The cocktail was colorful and present in a very attractive way. It had a good combination of colors, the green, the white and the yellow. Is it tropical? Yes. It had a rainforest hint with a bit of honey taste. Is it complex? Absolutely! After the first sip, a strong lemon flavour came to the palate. As the more I drank, more flavours pumped out. The second thing came out was basil, then passion fruit, then orange and the final was alcohol or I call it, ethanol! Yum, yum yum! {Adelaidefoodies recommended}  


While we were there, we savoured their food as well. The lounge offers both savoury and sweet items. Dishes ranges from SA king prawns and scallop to some dessert dishes consulted with Pierrick Boyer. In face, I liked their menu, a pad. The menu is a good showcase of how modern technology can be used in restaurants. LOL


Bombe Alaska, White Chocolate Ice-cream, Raspberry Sorbet, $14

Bombe Alaska, White Chocolate Ice-cream, Raspberry Sorbet, $14. This is a quite funky dish with a flame to start the dessert. It taste was simple but with layered structures. The raspberry taste came last and it wasn’t very strong. However, it combined with the creamy and chocolate taste well very. Although I enjoyed it, unfortunately, because my wife was allergic to dairy products, she didn’t quite like it.

Deconstructured Pavlova, Pineapple chilli jelly, Meringue, Creamy Chantilly, Pineapple Crisp, $14.

Deconstructured Pavlova, Pineapple chilli jelly, Meringue, Creamy Chantilly, Pineapple Crisp, $14. This is such an artistic creation! The presentation was absolutely beautiful. We were quite amazed by the layout of this dish. The addition of the flower made me not wanting to eat all the small delicacies cos they look just fabulous. The taste of this dish was great too. The one that really stood out was the pineapple chilli jelly. Once the jelly entered my mouth, on the front palate, an obvious tropical rainforest flavour hit the tongue immediately. However, once the jelly went to the back palate, the chilli flavour got promoted very well!

Mango & Ginger Brulee with mango syrup, $12.


Mango & Ginger Brulee with mango syrup, $12. This dish was so seriously good! The ginger and mago flavour complemented each other perfectly. I never even thought the two items can be combined together. The smooth texture and the strong flavours were the add-on bonus. You got to experience this yourself. Highly recommended! {Adelaidefoodies recommended} 


Martin and Monnie
Martin and Monnie


To recap the experience at the lounge, the service was of top notch and the food was great too. The cocktail, Russian Lover, was very enjoyable, sexy and attractive. The dessert was nice and sweet with artistic presentation. I do recommend this place to my readers. Next time when I go there, I gonna try their savoury menu to get more insights!


Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5


Total: 15.5/20


Onyx Dessert Lounge

163 O’Connell Street 
North ADELAIDE, SA 5000

P 08 8361 7711


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  1. This is by far my favourite place to dine at the moment been afew times and love love love it , the staff are beyond fantastic and the setting is really different and bright which is a nice change. Nothing by great vibes for onyx lounge just amazing


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