Adelaide Night Market – Dec 09, 2012.

Adelaide is a vibrant city itself, but our ‘night life’ is not as good as it is in Sydney or Melbourne. Obviously I am not talking about going to pubs and so on at night. However, thanks to Splash Adelaide, a night market has been in place on Ntc between King William Road and Kintore Ave, just outside the government house. The organisers aimed to create a lively, vibrant, exciting market with various hawker food Adelaide has on offer as well as other artisan items, clothing etc. The market operates every Sunday from Dec 09, 2012 to Mar 13, 2013.


The opening Sunday was full of sunshine by 6 pm and there has already been heaps of people around the place when we arrived. The market offers various street foods from different cuisines. No matter whether you like Asian, Spanish, Pizza or even some satays, the market has covered them all. I was actually so excited about this event as I truly think Adelaide should be more vibrant at night and offers street food for late night shoppers or drinkers to savour.

The followings are some of the stalls observed at the market and I’ll go into details about the ones we had later.



Apart from all the food trucks and stalls, the market has offered the public the opportunity to see and buy some artisan, clothing as well as local gourmet foods. We didn’t ask much about the price about them as we were here for the street food :P.




Ok, now it comes to the food for the night. As wondering around, we had a pizza slice as well as a sausage in a roll. The real surprise for me was that a long queue was in front of a satay and curry stall, however, when it came to my order, sadly the fire went bad and I ended having no satay sticks @ this stall after 1/2 hr wait. 😦


However, the two stalls which we had our feeds at were pretty awesome.


Sorelle at magill came to the market with their well acclaimed vegetarian pizza. At the 2012 global pizza challenge, the restaurant was elected the best vegetarian pizza in Australia. Priced at $4 per dish, the pizza was baked in clay stone oven with a thin and crispy base. Believe me or not, the pizza was just so delicious with well balanced acidity, cheese and smokiness.



The Barbecue Caterer

A local barbecue catering company that specialises in barbecue products and catering. We tried their duck and veal sausage in a roll ($6) with onion and cheese. The sausage was juicy and tender and express strong herbal aromas while hot. The meat was cooked to perfection with all the juice maintained well in the meat. The only bit that I didn’t quite like about the roll is the fact that the cheese was not melt. I guess a melt cheese may fit in the roll very well.




Let me say this again, I am very very very very ……. impressed by the effort the organiser has put into this night market. It did not only add a night food spot but also brought our city to a new standard. The food offered were divine while other goodies were local and genuine. If you have nothing to do on a Sunday night or just finish work, I reckon you should pop down to the market and support our local business.


5 thoughts on “Adelaide Night Market – Dec 09, 2012.

  1. We headed sown there on Sunday and it was awesome. Agreed, the food on offer were fantastic but it would be great if they have more jewllery items and arts.


    1. Yes, for sure Adelaide has become a more dynamic city. I still remember that back in 2001 when I was still in high school, it is very hard to find even a food truck. Look at us now. Food trucks are everywhere and many night and street Sunday market become regular. Absolutely love them too.


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