This is a quick dinner after a busy Thursday last week. My readers should know by now that I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine and its culture. I always seek good Japanese food and tried to make them to accommodate my own needs and tastes. Anyway, tonkatsu is the Jap version of crumbed and deep fried pork cutlet. I used pork loins in this recipe and this recipe is so easy to make at home.


250 g  pork loin steaks



250 g  plain flour

250 g bread crumbs

1 egg

white wine

oil – I used rice bran oil


1. Get 4  pieces of pork lion steaks and trim off excess fat on the edges.


2. Hit the steaks with a meat hammer until flat and season with salt and pepper. Rub a small amount of white wine (I used Chardonnay) on both side of the steaks. This step is to tenderise the meat and give it some wine aroma.


3.  Crack the egg and add water (about 1/6 of the volume of the egg, or if you are not sure just add a pinch). Slightly bitten the mixture. Arrange plain flour, the bitten egg and bread crumbs in three plates.


4. Brush both sides of the steak with flours. Brushing can help to maintain a thin layer of flours to coat the steaks. Dip the flour coated steaks in the bitten egg and then coat with bread crumbs.


5. Heat the oil in a wok or deep frying pan at high heat. Place 2 of the steaks in the hot oil (high heat) for 1 minutes and turn the heat to low and continue fry for 3 minutes. Turn over the steaks and adjust the heat to high to continue frying for another minute until golden brown.


6. Slice the steaks while hot. Be careful not to hurt yourself and arrange in plate. Serve with Japanese mayo, tartar, smoky mayo or tonkatsu sauce. – I used a tartar and smoky mayo from a boutique brand in Queensland. I liked them a lot! They have not opened a shop in Adelaide yet but will soon. I’ll talk about this in my next short post.



The tonkatsu steaks are crispy and tasty! The cooking method maintained all the juices in the steak while the white wine rubbed on them introduced extra flavours of wine. Just beautiful!


12 thoughts on “Tonkatsu

    1. Well done, Angela! Japanese panko breadcrumbs is the way to go. I was in Woolworths Arkaba the other day where the bread crumbs were not available, but yes, even when I was young, Dad used panko breadcrumbs for tonkatsu.


  1. Tonkatsu…. oh this is my favourite dish in Jap restaurants. Another one is Katsu don. Did I spell it right?


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  3. Excellent recipe. I always wanted to try cooking this dish at home. Now I’ve tried yours and it worked brilliantly. Thanks mate.


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