[Event] Simon Bryant + Oxfam

I know the title looks weird, but I think it’s the best to suit today’s topic. This post is to promote an event that will be held in Adelaide city tomorrow 14/12.

My fav. celebrity chef in our state, Simon Bryant, had his debut cookbook “Vegies” published.  I guess everyone here in SA has come across Mr. Bryant at some point in their lives, whether it’s on TV or at the Brasserie when he was the executive chef. Anyway, the book “Vegies” is a book about seasonal vegetarian recipes and is just in time for Christmas.


Here is an brief introduction from the publisher of the book, Penguin Books.


Simon Bryant’s long-awaited debut cookbook is a vibrant, inspiring collection of vegie recipes that will appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Let Simon guide you through the changing seasons, as he shares tales from his vegie patch and brilliant tips for selecting the finest produce. Discover new ways to enjoy your favourite vegies and learn simple cooking techniques to make them really shine.

Simon’s recipes sing with flavour. Comforting dishes such as Sweet potato, peanut and mandarin curry and Beetroot ravioli with roast garlic and lemon-zested chevre and walnuts will warm and nourish during the colder months, while the light, fresh flavours of Lavender and orange broccoli with cous cous and Sugar snaps and capsicum with burnt chilli sambal and basil are perfect for spring and summer.

Vegies effortlessly dispels the myth that vegetarian cooking can’t be daring, original and delicious.



 Now, it comes to the second part of the story, Oxfam Australia. I think Adelaide people has seen the charity shop for numerous times when passing either the city or the marion shops. This non-for-profit company has helped so many people in third world countries. The fairtrade brand introduced several years ago is a true initiate to enhance their activities to help developing countries.


Okay, if you are still following me by now, below is what I am going to tell you guys.

Simon Bryant  will be at the Oxfam Shop Charles street (off Rundle Mall) for the book signing from 11.00am-1.00pm this FRIDAY 14/12, with copies of the book available for purchase at $39.95! This will be a wonderful opportunity to discuss food and take photos with Simon.

So, if you are free tomorrow, make sure you head down there to support Oxfam shop and fair trade so that people living in poverty in other countries can be benefited.


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