Gorgeous Festival 2012 Food Pics

In a previous post, I discussed heaps about this year’s Gorgeous Festival at McLaren Vale. However, due to compulsory work and so on, I wasn’t able attend. The organiser has send me some highlight photos of Bradd’s workshops to share. The copyright of these photos belongs to Gorgeous Festival organisers.

Bradd’s workshop


Nigel Rich and Bradd Johns


d’Arrys verandah restaurant – Lobster medallion with blue
swimmer crab and prawn ravioli in lobster bisque


Blessed Cheese – Cheese Plate

I can’t comment on the taste of the dishes because I didn’t taste test them, but the presentations are quite funky. Just finger crossed that I can go to the Festival next year.



2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Festival 2012 Food Pics

  1. The pics are beautiful and the food looks yummy. I never know there is such a Festival exist in McLaren Vale. 😦


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