George’s on Waymouth {Back Post}

Gosh! I just realized I have not been blogging for almost 2 wks! What am I doing? :D. Life is not easy for a busy scientist. Doing a new project and stucking in the lab from 7 am til 5 pm is not a great fun 😦 Anyway, I am back on my blogging schedule.

This is a back post which I planned to publish since last year. The reason for not putting it up at that time is due to the use of scoopon. There was much a debate on Urbanspoon that the scoopon users were not treated well at the restaurant. However, my experience was totally different and we enjoyed what was on offer. Now, I am a mature blogger and the scoopon has finished for a long time. Anyway, George’s on Waymouth has been around for 10 years til this year. Earlier this month, they have just celebrated their 10 yrs anniversary. The restaurant is suited on Waymouth street, one of Adelaide’s premium dinning precinct, with morden yet sophisticated decor and it has been doing very well over the past years.

The scoopon on offer was a five course degustation menu with shared entree, antipasto dish and dessert as well as two main courses each with tea, coffee and a bottle of wine. It was obviously a good value deal.  The owner, George, is a very welcoming and gentle guy. We arrived at 6pm and got seated very quickly as there was no other diners. The chic white table is a bonus point here which made the very pleasant feeling all night. The service lady was talkative and very knowledgeable on both the scoopon menu and their normal menu.

The dinner started with the antipasto platter. From the picture shown, it was not much but all items there was very tasty especially the salami and olives. According to the restaurant, these antipasti were just appetisers.

The entree was Coorong Angus peppered veal. It’s quite different to any beef carpaccio I had before. The meat was raw and thinly sliced, ensuring its tenderness and flavour. The cheese and roasted walnuts added extra flavour and crunchiness to the meat.

Pasta of the day was gnocchi and sweet potato in tomato sauce. It was a nice dish. The tomato sauce had some hided smoked vegetable flavour. The potato gnocchi was chewy and all their pasta were hand made on the day at the premises.

The main for the night was Confit chicken leg, peas, salmoriglio, romesco. The dish was very tasty and the chicken meat, even after being confit,  was very tender and maintained all the juiciness while all the sweet and sour flavours of the sauces have infused into the meat. [Adelaidefoodies recommended dish] 

Dessert for sharing was the Vanilla bean pannacotta, a sweet and creamy dessert to finish the long European dinner!

The overall dinning experience at George’s was smooth and enjoyable. The service was top notch; the dishes were highly European influenced and were quite different from Modern Australian cuisine. The scoopon provided a good value too. A highly recommended restaurant by!

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: N/A because a scoopon was used
Ambience: 4/5

Total: 12/15

George’s on Waymouth

20 Waymouth Street 

P 08 8211 6960

Georges on Waymouth on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “George’s on Waymouth {Back Post}

  1. I was at the festival on Saturday and I can tell you the food tastes so brilliant! The lobster was to die for.


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