A sunny day out – Stirling Market

A sunny Sunday is always the time for relaxation and enjoyment. A cuppa tea/coffee and some sweets are always welcomed within the family. I love to go to markets on Sunday. There are numerous Sunday markets in Adelaide, both in regional and metro areas and this time, I chose to visit one in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, the Stirling market.

Stirling is a small town suited in Adelaide Hills region and is sometimes referred as the “Book village” for South Australia. The market is on every 4th Sunday of the month. I’ve been passing by the market for several times but never had a chance to go in there. Last Sunday, we decided to go straight to the market.

The market is not a typical farmers market. It is more likely to be a market for family fun. It basically got plenty of goods on offer, from fine China and stones to paintings and artistic creations. A band performed on the street, stimulating the atmosphere of the market.

We planed to go to the Stirling Hotel for lunch. However, this market has got plenty of tasty street food and I can’t stop eating~ _@

SALICIOUS(?) German hot dog – I can’t remember their name exactly but this doesn’t affect my sensations and tastes. Their German hot dogs were so delicious that I still can’t forget now. There were four different ones and I ordered Kransky Deluxe ($7) which included a char grilled Kransky, plenty of hot pan-fried sauerkraut and a good spread of German mustard. The juiciness and smokiness of the sausage was just beautifully complemented each other, leaving a sensation in the mouth. You also got to choose between whole meal and plain bread. Highly Recommended!

Kransky Deluxe $7

Bull Creek Bakery Pies – One of the most famous wood oven baked pies in Adelaide. They have been featured in SALife for several times and tastes very good. The shell of the pie was nice and crunchy. I had their most favoured venison pie and it was wonderful. No game taste or smell was detected at all. It was very delicious!

Bull Creek Bakery Venison Pie, $5.


Let them eat – A south Aussie owned business by Tanya Agius, a chef with 18 yrs of experience. I had their “Broccoli and Haloumi Fritter” ($4). It is a nice creation but it was a it oily. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the taste. It was still nice to eat but, maybe it’s just me, there’s too much oil from the fritter. Better served hot. Falafel wraps were also available for $14 including salads.



Broccoli and Haloumi Fritter, $4


Warrakilla Fine Foods – Owned by Linda and Giovanni Frada. The baked items were cooked in their commercial kitchen in McLaren Vale.  They sell various pies, baked goods as well as mustard and their own jams. Most herbs used were home grown. I had their Barramundi pie ($4.80). It was so tasty! The herbs, the artichoke and the fish was cooked to perfection. They complemented each other very well, not only providing a good taste but also a fine silky texture.

Barramundi pie, $4.80


Eating these street foods have made us extremely full. A walk along the market helped digesting them 😀



The overall experience @ the Stirling market was great! I missed the Organic Market & cafe this time, but it is on my schedule to try soon.

Stirling Market

Druid Ave

Stirling SA 5152


5 thoughts on “A sunny day out – Stirling Market

  1. The market is indeed very popular among locals. I lived in stirling for 10 years before moving to Melbourne last month. The market has been on my diary as a monthly must-go. Btw, liked your photos and review.



  2. I love Stirling Sunday Market! I used to go quite often to shop at the organic supermarket, and also the organic cafe up there. There’s a shop there that sells a healthy organic non-toxic nail polish as well! (Sorry, I can’t remember the shop’s name). It is one of my favourite places to get a healthy food.


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