The perfect combination of Chinese and Japanese

China and Japan are currently having huge problems on the soverrignty of Diaoyu/Senkaku island, but that’s has nothing to do with this post. They all have their own business to handle. However, as I was thinking the other day, both China and Japan are east Asian countries and hence with similar vegetation, animal species and foods, there must be something that the two cuisines are in common or similar. Even they are not similar, maybe I can use famous ingredients and cooking method to make them fusing. Oh, well, I went on and gave it a go. The result was just fascinating.

The most famous Chinese food in western society nowadays, I guess, should be Peking duck while the most famous Japanese one is sushi. Both countries have Shiitake mushrooms and sea urchins and they are eaten in similar ways.  Then I went on and made some Peking duck sushi as well as a stuffed Shiitake mushroom dish. All ingredients used here are Australian produce except the sushi rice is from the US.

Peking Duck Uramaki with snow pea sprouts and fried shallot

The crispy Peking duck and the fruit flavoured duck meat complimented the slight bitterness of sprouts well. The addition of fried shallot brought the sushi to a new level of crunchiness.

Peking Duck Nigirizushi with hoisin sauce

KI Purple sea urchin ship

Peking Duck Nigirizushi with mainly duck skins and fats


Stuffed Shiitake Mushroom w/pork mince, saturated soy sauce and seto fumi rice seasoning.

                  — The dish was first steamed and then pan-fried.

I learnt this dish in 2004 while working in a Japanese restaurant. Steaming of the lot ensures the moist and tenderness of the stuffings while pan-frying enhances the shiitake mushroom flavour.

For people want to know how to make the stuffing, I’ve attached a video from ” Cooking with a dog” on Youtube. Very similar to what I did, but she directly pan fried them.

6 thoughts on “The perfect combination of Chinese and Japanese

  1. I love Peking duck and sushi! Never thought that they can be a good combination. Well done!


  2. Hello, very professional high level blog! thank you for sharing. Because of good writing, and I learned a lot, and I am glad to see such a beautiful thing. Sorry for my bad English. ?


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