My Homemade Sushi Dinner

To celebrate that I have survived in Adelaide for 12yrs, my wife decided to make some good sushi rolls for dinner. 🙂







Japanese style octopus salad



Eel Nigirizushi




Seaweed salad ship and salmon caviar ship



Huon Salmon Nigirizushi



Salmon norimaki



Eel Uramaki



Salmon caviar Uramaki



Vinegar cured mackerel Uramaki



Avocado Uramaki with salmon stuffing



Now, after finishing all these beautiful sushis, I am sooooooooooooooooooooo satisfied. Some nice tamarillos are fruits to complete the dinner. Sweet and sour!






12 thoughts on “My Homemade Sushi Dinner

  1. Yums! Do you mind sharing where you get fresh salmon that’s suitable for sushi in Adelaide please? 🙂


    1. I normally get it from Cappo seafood in central market. They sell Huon branded salmons which are of good quality. Just tell them to pick up the freshest ones and you need to eat them raw. :)


  2. Hi there! 🙂 Just have a question if you don’t mind asking – where abouts do you get the fresh mackerel from that’s ready to eat? Thanks!


    1. Hi, the mackerel is vinegar cured obtained from Little Tokyo in the city. If you really want to use mackerel, you can get frozen ones from Cappo parkside and cure it yourself, but mackerel is not appropriate for eating raw. Yellowfin king fish can be a good alternative for fresh mackerel.


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