Maple and Walnut Plaited Danish

Hi, guys. Sweet time! Until recently, somehow I felt love with the maple and pecan danishes and decided to make some. It is very simple to make and I should say for about half an hour, including cooking time, you will be under ur way to some great taste sweets. Let’s begin.

1. Fillings

Creme cheese  – 2 table spoon

Maple syrup  –  8 table spoon

Sugar – 3 table spoon

Finely grated nuts – I used cashew nut here, you can use any one you want  (50g)

Stir through sugar into creme cheese until smooth. Then add the maple syrup, continue stir until the color of the mixture became white & milky. Add the grated nuts and stir (or hand blend) well and store in fridge while preparing for the pastry.

2. Preparation on the pastry

3 Puff Pastry sheets – enough for the above fillings

Divide each sheet into for equal sections and cut trough

Divide each square into three folds. For the fold on each side, divide and cut 5-6 into sections as shown in the photo below. For any section, cut a line in the center, but don’t divide the section completely.

Place your fillings in the center of the sheet and spread. You probably want a generous amount of fillings, otherwise your pastry may be tasteless. Definitely more than what is shown in the pic.

Fold the pastry sheet as shown.

3. Pre-heat the oven at 220 degree Celsius and bake the pastries for about 17-18 mins until the tops are golden brown.

4. Brush them with the maple syrup and decorate with walnuts (or pecan nuts) (roughly grated). Some people likes to toast the nuts before decorating. That’s absolutely fine but you need to watch them for the next baking period. I like to use raw nut which can bake while the pastry is cooking.

5. Bake the pastries in oven for another 12-15 mins or until the nuts are golden brown

6. Let the danishes to cool down and enjoy some sweets! Hope you enjoy it.

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Until next time! Good night!


5 thoughts on “Maple and Walnut Plaited Danish

  1. Pingback: David
  2. Absolutely beautiful, and I’m sure it tastes wonderful, too! I definitely will try it. I also have a braided danish pastry, which I fill with confectioner/baker’s cream and preserved fruit fillings, I’m planning to post before our (USA) holidays around Thanksgiving time. Thank you for sharing your recipe! Fae 🙂


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