The famous Hahndorf Inn, Hahndorf

Hi, guys!! I am back to blogging now. In the last half of the year, I was busy with my projects as well as travelling around, but now got more time to blog about things. Well, let’s talk about the Hahndorf Inn.


Hahndorf Inn is located on the main street of Hahndorf and was established in 1839 and became a must-go tourist spot for dining in the 150 years history. Nowadays, if ppl wants to experience a true German custom in Australia, they should definitely not miss the place. On a sunny Sunday, we headed down to Hahndorf again for lunch at the place. I haven’t been dining there for about 7 years by now and hopes it still to be nice.

The decor of the restaurant is very old fashioned, but many people enjoys the atmosphere a lot. To me, it is more like a pub styled restaurant, but it didn’t affect my appetite. 😛

We ordered a HB original beer – nice, cool and beautiful! I gave a full flavour of barley in the mouth and good textures too. I liked it very much.

For the food, we ordered the “A Taste of Germany Platter” ($59.90, serves 2). You got to taste Bockwurst, Weisswurst, Cheese Kransky and Vienna sausages, smoked Pork Kassler Chop and Pork Knuckle all in one dish as well as some German mustards and sauerkraut. The serve was so huge that two of us couldn’t really finish it.

A Taste of Germany Platter, $59.90


Generally speaking, the food here is a bit too salty for me, especially the  smoked Pork Kassler Chop, but it is tasty with the strong smokiness.

The sausages are beautifully done. The taste was not bad, but wasn’t anything fancy neither. However, it can definitely feed two hungry stomach or satisfy the most strict meat lovers. It’s the German beer culture that you drink with your sausages on the side, isn’t it?! Thus, when combined with beer, the sausages had their own attractions. 😀

The Pork Knuckle is different from the one from the Haus. It is a meaty pork hock braised in traditional German way. However, the pork odor was too strong for the hock. I think they may need to work a bit more on the quality of the hock.

However, I liked their potato and sauerkraut. The potatoes were soft, tangy and creme. The acid from sauerkraut complimented the heavily meaty taste very well!

Overall, as a “theme restaurant”, it provides a good example of German food to tourists. However, the standard of the food is only at an acceptable level, but for something different occasionally, I wouldn’t mind going back again. Hopefully they will improve their pork krunckle in the future.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5
Value: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5

Total: 12.5/20



The Hahndorf Inn Hotel

35 Main Street 
Hahndorf, SA 5245

P 08 8388 7063



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3 thoughts on “The famous Hahndorf Inn, Hahndorf

  1. Hi, someone from Guam here. I just returned from Adelaide last wk and loved this restaurant a lot!


  2. I went to the Haus the other night. It was much better than this restaurant! The food tasted fabulous. The band was good and the atmosphere was just comfortable and friendly.


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