My Christmas Table – Xmas Day Lunch

Following my previous post, a Xmas celebration is not complete without a Xmas Day lunch.





1. Prociutto & Crispbread

2. Homemade duck terrine and jalapeno – duck terrine is really easy to make and this is a good dish to finish the left-over duck meats. However, as I didn’t leave the terrine long enough, the meats are not very compact. Need to improve in future~!




Salads:1. Prawn Cocktail – This is a LARGE SCALE PREPARATION!!! LOL…. I am a chemist and I like huge serves~~haha …not really, but my wife thought it would be easier for us to consume the dish… recipe from Gordon Ramsay.



2. Lobster salad with balsamic vinaigrette – the sweetness of lobster and the sourness from the vinaigrette combined very well, giving a taste with enhanced sea flavour.


1. Roasted pork belly w/roasted pear and truffle salt – The sweet and fruity flavour from the pear was sucked into the pork, giving something very fresh. The oil and juices from the pork was drained while roasting the pears which added some extra flavour to the fruit. Most importantly, the truffle salt enhanced both of the flavours and promoted them as a whole. I like this dish without any doubt!

2. Roasted deboned turkey w/ roasted potato and sweet potato – I don’t really like turkey personally but as it is a tradition, I decided to have it every year :P.

Christmas Pudding from Matthew Walker – Nice, flavoursome and lots of nuts, cherries and vine fruits. Strong brandy flavour.


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