BB Steak House

Are you fancy about steaks? Well, I do. I go to steak houses every now and then but for lunch, I found a little place which does something like steak. “Like steak?” Yes! This is because they are not really doing steaks. What they do is Korean type meat dishes (steaks?), which are popular in Asian countries. The little eatery is located in the Southern Cross Arcade but on a Friday night, not may people were around. The chef, who has limited English, has worked in a five star hotel in Korea whereas the front lady has sufficient English to communicate. Anyway, both of them were nice people though. Oh, I forgot to mention the name of the place — BB steak house.




They have 9 items on menu and I was told their specialty was 7 and 8. However, to test the genuine fllavour of the Korean style “steak”, I decided to order no. 9 on the menu which is LA beef short rib, $10.50.




The dish consisted of 3 parts, rice, salad and the beef. According to the chef, the beef rib was marinated and cooked in a “carbi”(?) sauce which is rich in soy sauce flavour. The meat, from tasting, was definitely marinated for a long time and no bite was bland. The ribs are overall a bit salty, but with the rice, it should neutralize well. I can also taste black pepper sauce. Onto the salad side, obviously, the salad is one of those Asian style with some strawberry slices, melon pieces and a orange slice. From appearance, one may think the salad, without any dressing, being boring but the acidity of the fruits can neutralize the oil from the ribs well. Only wish they can add more orange slices :P.

Anyway, the food is not super duper but for a quick lunch and dinner, it is good enough to satisfy a hungry belly especially with a generous serve. The food matches well with each other and are typically Korean flavour.

Food: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: N/A – food court

Total: 10/15


BB Steak House

Southern Cross Arcade

Adelaide, SA 5000



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