Chatime Rundle Mall

Bubble tea? Ya kidding. Everybody knows what a bubble tea is and we got plenty of Asian shops selling bubble tea here in Adelaide. There are 2 or 3 in Chinatown and 2-3 in Rundle Mall. However, the latest addition to the bubble tea family, Chatime, brought some storms. Chatime was originated in Taiwan in 2005 and now has over 400 retail outlets all over the world. Everyday when I walk pass by after work, a long queue in front of this place is often what one should expect. The franchise brand prompts that their tea are freshly brewed on the premises.



Anyway, I tried the mango Jelly tea, $5.20. Nice. It’s very refreshing in a hot summer day. What else? Emmmm…, super sweet and icy!? After I finished my tea, the ice is almost half of the cup. They also made the tea to a super sweetness level which I can’t tolerate. Be honest, I can’t taste much differences between their tea and other bubble teas but  for a hot summer refreshment, I wouldn’t mind to have the tea again.


Ps: Btw, Chatime is going to open their second shop in Grote St and will have a promotion of buy 1 get 1 free from 24 Nov-26 Nov. Then, if you are a big lover of bubble tea, go and get one~~


Drink: 3/5
Value: 3/5

Total: 6/10



3 Rundle Mall

Adelaide, SA 5000
Ph: 08 8212 4387




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4 thoughts on “Chatime Rundle Mall

      1. I just recently learnt how to make the bubbles myself :P. Qubic was a favorite for me 5-6 yrs ago :). Now, if I do drink bubble tea, I’d rather put it home made 😀


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