Royal Adelaide Show 2011

Every year, people living in Adelaide are all excited about the first and second week in September. Why? Cos the Show is coming. Yah~~I don’t know about you guys, but I do go there from year to year. The exciting trip of Yellow Brick Road, the adventures of the carnivals, the food and the various agricultural shows are all parts of our life during this time. I’ll have a separate thread about the food and wine experience at the show. Okay, let’s start our journey!


The journey started at the gate. (of course!!! :P) Yellow Brick Road show bag costs $10. You get a map and bag which you’ll have to go around to collect different samples. This is not only a great way to experience different SA produce but also a way to get around the showground.

Those kids are enjoy the moment, aren’t they? 😀


Sooooooooooooooooo many ppl!



Veggies, fruits and competition results.




My lovely wife and a cute big bear. LOL!!~~~



Fairy floss and people queuing for cash!!!




Horse Racing and Wood Cutting are both typical shows for RAS. They are here every year and they do attract a large number of ppl.




Now, let me introduce this ever popular and attractive show. The pig racing! You will know the popularity just by looking at the amount of audience there! There are 5 shows per day and every single one of them are as crowded as this one!



Another ever popular thing is buying show bags. The place is just busy from morning till night. Kids, young boys and girls and even adults like me all want to dig into the atmosphere, afraid of missing any good valued show bags!



As the Smurfs will be in cinema from the 15th, they come to show themselves as well!!



Finally, let’s finish our thread with one of my mostly loved animal, Alpaca. They are just so cute!!!



If you are new to Adelaide or just touring this lovely city, I think RAS is a good place to get started and to experience a different lifestyle here in SA.


Royal Adelaide Show

Adelaide Showground
Goodwood Road
Wayville SA 5034

Ph: +61 8 8210 5211






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