The Haus Hahndorf

Hahndorf, hahndorf~~~ I’ve been lazy and busy with my lab works for the past month or so and did not post a single review.~?~ Anyway, I am back on track now. Yes, I went to hahndorf again. It has been raining for two weeks here in adelaide and I went very emotional with the weather change. Weird! Sunday was a great day, sunny and warm and we decided to go to hahndorf before I am off for my holidays.

Nothing much has changed here in hahndorf. The Handorf Pizza House which I don’t like was still there. The old Hahndorf Inn was all filled up with tourists. But, today, we are here for something different – A modern German restaurant? Yes, it’s the Haus Hahndorf. If fact, you may not want to call it modern German as it is a restaurant with some German twists while still serving traditional German all time favorites. The restaurant opened April 2010, just around Easter and has quickly became a popular meeting place in Hahndorf. Good service team, beautiful food and views are all adding credits to this pub-styled restaurant.

The outside looks funky especially with the menu display, which can easily attract customers attentions. Once you turn inside, a typical cafe/pub design appears immediately.

What am I here for? Food and drinks! Here they come…

Coroong Angus beef, Salami, Kalamata Olives. Sundried tomato $21.9


Haus rustic pizza $21.90. Guys, you got to try this pizza. It’s delicious – premium angus beef, salami, olives and sundried tomato were used with cheese on the top. The base of the pizza is crispy on the edge and soft from the middle. Way better than the ones in Hahndorf Pizza House!


Braised Pork Hock $25.90 & Chargrilled Octopus salad $15.90 (lunch special)


The servings are huge! The pork hock was braised in herbs and spices (slow cooked). Every bite is an adventure as the spices have been infused deep into the meat. The skin of the pork is not fatty after such a long time cooking and it is very chewy and tender. Accompanied with sauerkraut and German mustard, this dish is really one of the symbols of German cuisine and the accompany is really successful. The full flavour of pork is enhanced and the bitterness from mustard and the sour taste from sauerkraut can neutralize any fatty acids that may give a greasy taste. In Poland, people sometime even drink a shot of Vodka straight after having pork hocks to flush any fats taken during eating. Anyway, I love the pork hock here. It is different from the one across the road at Hahndorf Inn.


The char grilled octopus salad is a lunch special ($15.90). It is accompanied with garden salad and grapefruit pieces. This is a very bright decision. The grapefruit is bitter and sour but the octopus is sweet and contains the brilliant sea flavour. Again, the bitterness extracts any hidden flavour of the octopus further and makes my palate feel extremely happy. Nice match.


Coopers Pale Ale $6.50


The service was great. The food was beautiful. The beer was tasty and the atmosphere was relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recommended!


Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5

Total: 13.5/20


The Haus Hahndorf

38 Main Road, Hahndorf
Hahndorf, 5245




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11 thoughts on “The Haus Hahndorf

  1. Hi,I enjoy ur blog:) you gotta try ”new” hahndorf pizza house! They have new chef and their food is completly defferent now! Please please try next time,you will love their food!


  2. Fabulous review… Thanks for the great feedback..!! We appreciate all comments, negative and positive, but always a pleasure to read a review where customers have enjoyed the food, service and ambience.. Jason Duffield, Manager.
    p.s. The Hahndorf Pizza House has changed hands, and the food and people are lovely.


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