Buskers Restaurant Rundle Mall

Friday night is always a paradise for foodies to hunt for their little ‘prey’. Most people should know that I am eager for delicious food and wine and last Friday I went a very nice little gem of Adelaide. Guess which it is? Yes, the Buskers on the Mall.


The restaurant was named in recognition of Rundle Mall’s internationally renowned busking strip and offers great modern Aussie cuisine with an Italian twist. Suited at the King William St end between the famous Haigh’s and Darrel Lea, the restaurant attracts many different faces, eg Asian, Aussie, Europeans etc. At this location, one would expect live bands, rock musics, nice food and promoting services. I should indeed say that the restaurant has got the first 3 aspects working very well but they should do a much better jobs on services.



We entered the restaurant at 5:30 and got seated by ourselves with no one even want to come for service. 10 mins later I decided to walk to the counter to order. At such a cafe styled place, placing orders at the front is normal, but I then got a disappointing face saying “We take orders at the table.” I went back to my table, got the order taken and start to enjoy the entertaining and relaxing atmosphere.  However, I soon realised no cutlery at all on our table.


Our food came out in 15mins which is satisfactory and all the necessary cutlery have been placed on our table. Anyway, back on the taste side of the story, the restaurant did pretty good.

Salt 'n' Pepper Squid $17.50


Salt and Pepper squid, $17.50. To my best knowledge, the serve at the restaurant is pretty generous and should be enough for a hungry big belly. The calamari is nice and tasty with garden salad, chips and tartar sauce. A good thing of this dish is that they are using real pepper unlike some other places who use pepper powder instead of real cracking pepper. In terms of pepper powder, a secret is that they are NOT real pepper. Our chemists have developed many flavour additives over years and pepper powder is one of them. Over 50% content in pepper powders are artificially synthesized chemicals and that’s why they are much cheaper than real pepper and taste not as good. Anyway, back to this dish, if one like salty taste as I do, then this dish is perfect. However, be honest, it was over salted when I was there. Maybe the chef should consider reduce the salt content a little bit.


Rosemary Chicken Salad $19



Rosemary Chicken Salad,  $19. The chicken was marinated in Mediterranean spices and roasted to a tender mouth feel. On palate, you can taste the spices added as well as the original taste of chicken. However, for some breast pieces, the insider center is a bit dry and tasteless. The salad provided a good accompany to the roasted chicken and is sour with some balsamic vinegary taste.


Lemon Lime Bitter $3.50


Lemon Lime Bitters, $3.50. Uhhh… It’s just a normal LLB ….


The tragic moment comes again on services. During the dinner, no one came to top up waters and all the asian waitress seemed VERY BUSY at the counter. “chatting”? Maybe, who knows, but I know I have to go to the counter to pay otherwise I am wasting of my time here waiting for one to come to serve us. The restaurant should really consider improving their customer service skills and especially, get some experienced waitresses.


Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
Value: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5

Total: 12.5/20


Buskers Restaurant

Stall 6, Rundle Mall
Adelaide, 5000


Buskers Restaurant on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “Buskers Restaurant Rundle Mall

  1. I love the restaurant! Bought a deal from deals.com.au. I’ll let you know what’s happening ~~


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