Jam the Bistro

While walking on Wright Street, you will definitely note something different. There is one, just this one, bistro you will never miss. It is always full and crowded no matter if it’s breekie, lunch or dinner. Oh yes, I know, you all know it, Jam the Bistro.



Something funny here. The name of the restaurant, Jam the bistro, sounds very unclear. When I first saw it, I started thinking whether the owner what us to “jam” the bistro or if he want the place to be named “jam”, the bistro :D. Anyway, that’s not important because the food is so nice that I’ll keep going back. The inside decor is very cosy and the environment is relaxed although the DJ plays this rocky music. Never mind, we got seated at 12:30pm and the order was soon taken. We then sat there and had a look around of all the artworks on display.



The restaurant was fulfilled with artworks from different artists and the displays are a part of SALA festival. Anyway, I am not an artist and for most of these arts I don’t have a fair idea about them. That’s just me. I am here for the mouthwatering food! 😛
Sav. Blanc for my Miss and Sparking Shiraz for me


While waiting, we ordered two bottles of wines, a sav. blanc and a sparking shiraz. They are both okay. en..the sav. blanc is not well balanced and the sparking shiraz is too sweet.

Meze Platter $20


After 10 mins, our entree meze platter has arrived. With all these small amount, I am 100% sure now that this restaurant is a one who believes less is more. BUT, the food is sooooooooooooo nice. Cured white anchovy with charred bread is a crunchy delicacy. The crunchy taste of the bread and the salty and chewy feeling of the anchovy combines just right. I still miss the taste by now and my miss has already fall in love with it. The rests are beef meat balls with special sauce, puffs and cream tarts. Each of them are flavorful and makes good entree dishes before the main. The only problem is that they are just that small that I can finish all of them in 5 mins. 😦
We finished our main in 10mins with some wine to flush them down. After this, we experienced a  ridiculous 1 hr long waiting period for our main to arrive. Many people on Urbanspoon critisised their services and I indeed agree with most of it. They are not efficient. That’s all. There are waiting stuff hanging around the cafe area and basically doing nothing and a young fellow who was just responsible for water don’t take care of other things? Anyway, the explanation of the late arrival of our mains is that because I ordered octopus salad, the octopus needed to be BBQed for an hour before serving. I don’t believe this mates. I only finally got 5 pieces of octopus in total. Would that take an hour?!

Octopus Salad $17


Octopus salad, $17. The dish itself is well presented with beautiful taste. The chargrilled octopus and the veges with a tiny hint of vinegar makes the dish very complex yet with some simplicity. The addition of mint fully enhances the flavour and makes every bite a sensation. However, once again, it was not enough for you to feel “great” yet but the dish has finished.


Prawn Saganaki $21


Prawn Saganaki, $21. I should admit that the chef (I mean the boss on Sunday) really knows how to use tomatoes and mints. The prawn meat itself was fresh, tender and juicy. With the addition of Greek feta, the prawn tasted like being braised with feta. The taste was further developed  when I had a bit of everything. Tomatoes, mints, feta and prawn made a good contribution to a full texture taste. I still can’t forget the taste at the moment. Strongly recommended!


Desert Platter


Desert Platter. It contained a rice pudding, brownies with rosewater jelly and lavender seeds, and some tarts. Although I can’t remember all of their names. Th taste again was very delicious. They were not sweet and always provide a boom feeling and lots of surprises once in mouth. Recommended!


After all, two of us finished two bottles of wines and my miss was full although I can still feel some rooms in my belly :). No wonder this is one of Adelaide’s most popular place. The food is very very sensational and delicious. Come on guys, let’s “JAM” the bistro!


Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5

Total: 14.5/20


Jam the Bistro

112-114 Wright Street
Adelaide, SA 5000

P 08 8291 7411

Jam the Bistro on Urbanspoon


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