Vine Inn Barossa

When you are free, you always have something to do and to eat. Haha, isn’t that right!? Last Sunday, despite I’ve been to Barossa Valley for numerous times, both for personal and academic purposes, we still decided to go there again. BUT this time is with a tour 😛 —Prime mini tours. We joined the Barossa Valley experience tour and included is lunch at the Vine Inn.

Vine Inn Barossa from outsider


The outside of this restaurant is very relaxing from the first glance and looks like a good place for a weekend escape. Located in Nurioopta, the restaurant is close to most of the other regional towns and only a few mins drive to major wineries.


Salad Bar


A salad bar in the center of the restaurant near the counter. It contains various sauces, salads, olives, pickled onions and cucumbers, breads, horseradishes and roasted pumpkin and potatoes. In terms of tastes, the salads are very normal but pickled onion and cucumbers are very good. The horseradishes are suprises. They are just as good and just hot enough. Love it!

Entree Platter


Entree platter. It contains 3 meats, pickled onions, cucumber and olives, some green salads and a very small bowl of Sauerkraut. The meats are very plain in this case, the pickled items were straight from the bar. The only thing that do taste good in this platter is Sauerkraut. I love German food and I can clearly see the German influences here in Barossa (and taste it!) Oh, yeah, except sauerkraut, nothing really interested me in this platter. Oh, forgot to say, my miss loved their pickled cucumber. I think it is just normal standard ones. Nothing really special.

Plenty of breads everywhere (I don't like them!)


Roast of the day $16.90


Then it comes to my main course, Roast of the day $16.90. It is actually roast beef. The beef taste so plain and seems that they did not season it well. Lots of pumpkins, carrots and potatoes were provided. It is okay if you just want to have some typical pub foods.

Crusted Barramundi Fillet $21.90


Crusted Barramundi Fillet, $21.90. That’s the sort of things that my miss would love to eat. This barramundi is not wild caught in NT and they are just bred here in SA. I had a taste of the fish. I should admit it’s much better than my beef roast. It is a big fillet with all the mashes underneath. The only problem of this dish is that they’ve put way too much cream which made the fish extremely creamy.

Sticky Date Pudding $9.50


Sticky date pudding….eh…normal standard, what else….. ah, sweet, super sweet! I can’t really tolerant it.

Cheesecake $9.90


Cheescake. I loved their cheescake sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. A fine texture, moderate sweetness, baked base and cheese and blue berry toppings. It is nice and just finish my lunch on the right spot. But, when you have a close look, the decorations for cheesecake and sticky date pudding are the same thing. LOL


Anyway, overall, the restaurant offers typical pub foods, but for a lunch included in a tour, what else would you expect?


Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 2.5/5
Ambience: 2/5

Total: 10/20


Vine Inn Barossa

14-22 Murray Street
Nuriootpa, SA 5355

P: 08 8562 2133


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