Sumo Salad Myer Center

Lunch is always something to think about when you are in the office, towards 1pm. I’ve been trying several different lunch spots in town and out in waite. Now I am bored with the same foods everyday and want to have a change. Have a change? YES! Change to something new, exciting and healthier. Sumo salad at Myer center Adelaide came to my attention.


Sumo Salad Myer Center Adelaide


Two Sydney foodies, Luke Baylis and James Miller created a healthy eating alternative for all Australians in 2003. Their aim was to create a rather delicious and healthier chain than the American fast foods. The restaurant offers fresh ‘design your own’ and made-to-order salads with better nutrition, taste and a larger serve. Oh, yeah, their aim came true with nutritious salads BUT not the taste!


Caesar salad $9.90


Okay I know I know, the photos look crap, but the food is even worth. It is nutritious and large (prepared in a very big bowl), however, the taste is sooooo disgusting!!! I know I shouldn’t say this. I’ve had caesar salad in other restaurant before. Well, I never expected the food quality of sumo salad to be identical to restaurants but there’s no where near a good salad. It is salty, rough and the bread is very wet as if it is in a soup. And it smells like a unclean wet towel with some curry smell??? Not good!


Spicy BBQ Prawn Salad $9.90


This salad is okay with so many prawns and veges. It taste like something between thai and malay food. I think the problem with this one is that they put too much fish sauce in their. Again, that towel and curry smell is very obvious.
The service of this restaurant is good. The girl who served  me is very welcoming and attention to detail. The main chef is an Indian student? Anyway, I don’t like the food of this place. Not sure all sumo salad are the same but definitely not this one. I may try the one in Marion Westfield sometime.


Food: 1.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 2/5
Ambience: 2/5
Total: 8.5/20
Sumo Salad
Shop T050, Myer Centre Food Court
Adelaide, 5006
P: 08 8311 8440

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