Hahndorf Pizza House

It has been  a while since last time I went away from adelaide city center and on an unusual cool Sunday, T and I decided to go to Hahndorf. Just to have something to eat.

Menu and Outside of Hahndorf Pizza House

Nested in a beautiful German architecture on 94 Main Street is the so-called Hahndorf  Pizza House. Being the home of The Olive Grove under LLOYD Bros Wine and Olive for such a long time, the site has already been quite famous among local wine lovers and interstate travellers. I used to love white wines from LLOYD Bros and  when seeing this pizza business open early last year, I highly expected that it can build up the same reputation as the previous business.

Promoted to be an authentic Italian and Mediterranean pizza, the pizza house was operated as a family business. The outside was pretty with big red umbrellas and red table sets. However, once you go inside, it is very dark with bits of everything at each bench and I was totally turned down by the settings. I asked the manager for their house specialty and was suggested to try their “Chef Special” with ham, bacon, beef, salami and lots of BBQ sauces.


Chef Special Pizza 12" $21.00

However, the turn-out of this pizza is very very disappointing. This Chef Special Pizza 12″ costs $21.00 which is the highest among all of their pizzas. Salty, salty, very SALTY!!! This pizza is just salty without any other taste that I can think of. Oh, right, it tastes like domino’s meat lover pizza only with more meats and BBQ sauces. Occasionally, you can even smell an uncooked pork smell which I believe is from the hams. The worst thing is 10mins after had the pizza, I started vomiting and it was all thrown up.One last thing, seriously, personally I don’t like the all-red settings. It made me faint.

Very bad experience here, worst pizza ever, not recommended!

Food: 1/5
Service: 2/5
Value: 1/5
Ambience: 2/5

Total: 6/20

Hahndorf Pizza House

94 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245
P: 08 8188 1110

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16 thoughts on “Hahndorf Pizza House

  1. I never had such bad service from any resturant in Adelaide or Hahndorf for that matter. Food was not any better. Both the waiters that served us was so rude and not helpfull at all. Will not go back there even if I was paid. I hope that Hahndorf that is known for its good service all around will not pay the price of the Pizza house’ rudeness.


  2. Went there for lunch the other day and found out what you said was correct. Very salty pizzas and rude service. I had to run back to Adelaide after having the pizzas 😦 Not recommended


  3. Hi, I am a visitor from UK. Like your reviews. When I went there a couple of weeks ago, our pizza was burnt and the toppings were inconsistent. It was salty overall and the food was pretty much below average!


  4. Extremely interesting to read your review on the new Pizza house in Hahndorf.
    I must say, I was shocked to see the low ratings that you’ve given it!

    I live in Pyrmont, NSW and have been here on business travel to investigate in SA’s newest, finest and most recommended restaurants. A colleague and I visited HPH a little under a month ago, to find that the food was mouth watering, and the service and hospitality was above the average expectations of your usual dinning experience. I found that the prices on the menu were very reasonable and affordable. It had a lovely, warm and home-filled ambiance. I have to disagree, I enjoyed my dinning experience at Hahndorf Pizza House and would reccommend it to anybody.

    Kathy – ARR


    1. Hi, Kathy. As you said, you visited the place under a month ago but I had it several months ago. They might have changed, but I haven’t got time to check them out yet. What I reviewed was my experience at that time. I don’t deny the possibility that a restaurant can get better eventually, but I don’t believe it can change dramatically within several months. Anyway, if if you enjoyed it, then go for it. Oh,…I never thought this place can be a “finest” dining restaurant, but again if it’s fine dining for you, enjoy it. I’ll go to check them out sometime next year and see if they improve.


  5. Well things are about to change at the HPH. The owner has just hired a well experienced chef starting a brand new gourmet menu with combinations to die for. So i recommend you come and try the new tapas menu and real gourmet pizza’s. It all kicks off next week.


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